Hillsdale adopts $1.6M budget for 2017

HILLSDALE–The Town Board has unanimously approved a $1.6-million budget for 2017 including general and highway funds appropriations. Spending in the budget for the upcoming year is $118,167 less than in the current budget. Councilmember Carmen Barbato was absent from the November 8 meeting.

The council also unanimously approved a resolution to transfer up to $80,000 from the general fund to the highway fund for the purchase of specialized machinery and its storage.

Town Supervisor Peter Cipkowski announced that the winning bid for the sidewalks project is Callanan Industries in Schenectady at $796,531, which is almost $7,000 less than the project’s estimated cost of $803,492. The winning bid has been reviewed and approved by the town’s engineering company, GPI. The bid is now subject to review by the state Department of Transportation.

Mr. Cipkowski, also, announced that a non-profit group, Friends of Eastgate, has reached an agreement to purchase the Toll House on Route 23 for $15,000.

What Hillsdale residents should do with their leaves was a major topic of conversation at the meeting. What they shouldn’t do, advised Highway Superintendent Richard Briggs, is blow leaves into roadside ditches. Aside from the potential hazard of leaves clogging drains and resulting in flooding, Mr. Briggs explained that the town has one lawn blower and 80 miles of roads to tend.

Board member Jill Sims-Elster noted that leaves, like snow, cannot legally be dumped or pushed back onto public roadways.

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