No contest in G’town fire election

GERMANTOWN—Fire Districts in Columbia County hold an annual election for their Board of Commissioners on the second Tuesday of December.

On Tuesday, December 13, the Germantown Fire District will elect one commissioner in an uncontested race. Denis Crawford has completed a five-year term and is not running again. Mr. Crawford has been a commissioner “for a long time,” district secretary Kerrie Abela said Tuesday. “He was ready to move on, to hand the pencil on to someone else.”

Richard Jennings II, an active firefighter in the company, is the only person to have picked up a designating petition from Ms. Abela. He got the required 25 signatures and returned the petition to her by the deadline of November 23.

Mr. Jennings’ name will be the only one on the ballot. Write-ins are permitted.

The election takes place at the firehouse, 181 Main Street, from 6 to 9 p.m. All voters in the fire district registered with the Columbia County Board of Elections on or before November 21 are eligible to vote. The five-year term runs from January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2021.

The board of commissioners administers the fire district. In Germantown this consists of Hose Company #1. Current commissioners are Roy Brown (board chair), Stephen Cox, Patrick Ebling and John Gay. Ms. Abela is also district treasurer.

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