Hillsdale readies for warm weather roadwork

HILLSDALE–The Hillsdale Town Board has unanimously approved the spending of a little less than $217,000 for road paving and an additional $165,000 for general road repairs and maintenance. Board member Carmen Barbato was not in attendance at the January 17 meeting.

Roads scheduled for paving include: West End Road from state Route 23 to the town line; Craryville Road from West End Road to the town line; Lockwood Road from Route 23 to the start of the dirt section; and Harder Road from Harlemville Road to the town line.

The state Department of Transportation has been surveying the roads of Columbia County via satellite to identify state and town jurisdictions for maintenance. The Town Board unanimously approved Highway Superintendent Richard Briggs’ list of roads that amend the findings of the DOT. They include: Fado, Henich and Shun Toll roads as well as Meadow, Rail Road and Syre lanes. The town of Hillsdale maintains from .09 to a little over half a mile of those roads and lanes.

Also at the meeting the board:

• Renewed contracts with DiRuzzio for tree service and with Colarusso and Sons for roadwork materials of sand and gravel. There were no competing bids

• Established an Economic Development Reserve Fund and approved financing the fund with $3,000 from an unspent 2016 budget line. Reserve funds are to be spent at the discretion of the board on projects that support economic growth. The Economic Development Reserve Fund is being evenly divided between signage and a required match for a recent grant received by the housing committee

• Heard Town Supervisor Peter Cipkowski announce that the Historic Hillsdale committee has appointed Chris Atkins and Lauren Letellier town historians.

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