Warm temps thwart G’town skaters

GERMANTOWN—Despite hard work and good planning there’s no joy among skaters in this town. The weather has not cooperated so the ice is not thick enough on the town rink.

Town Board member Brittany DuFresne told The Columbia Paper this week, “Due to the warm weather, our water level in the rink has dropped and we are in the process of planning to top it all off. We’ve ordered some flags, red and green, to hang on the pavilion to indicate whether or not the rink is ‘skatable.’”

Firefighter Michaela Lawson fills the Germantown ice-skating rink while volunteers Marin Ludwig, Susan Ludwig, Jacob Tillou and Christina Tillou work together to lay the plastic lining. Germantown Hose Company #1 Chief Mike Lawson looks on. Photo contributed

On a Saturday several weeks ago volunteer firefighters from Germantown Hose Company #1 assisted Phil Tillou of Hudson Valley Interior and Exterior and a crew of volunteers to fill the rink with water pumped from the nearby town pond. More than 10 volunteers braved 20-degree weather to unfurl the plastic lining. The rink is a temporary frame that surrounds the pavilion at Palatine Park, adjacent to the Kellner Activity Building on Palatine Park Road.

The temperature must be 25 degrees or colder for at least two days before the ice has cured enough for skating. That hasn’t happened since the rink was readied.

When the weather does cooperate the town is able to keep the rink open because of its “skate at your own risk” policy and skating will be free and open to the public daily from dawn until dusk.

This is the second year that the town has provided ice skating, a collaboration between Germantown Loves Ice Skating and the Germantown Recreation Commission. The project is funded with private donations and a website: www.youcaring.com/germantown-parks-commission-503648 (or find the site by searching youcaring.com for “ice skating.”)

Volunteers who helped flood the rink included the Ludwigs: Christian, Susan, Marin and Grayson; the Tillous: Phil, Christina, Jacob and Jade; the Leiphams: Alan, Jennifer, Anna and Ellie; the Lewises: Sheila, Eben and Keegan; Allison and Whitt Meek; town board member Brittany DuFresne; and firefighters, Chief Mike Lawson and his crew.

“We’re trying to make some improvements and figure out what will help to keep it frozen,” Ms. DuFresne said.

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