K’hook prepares to pick vendor for digital makeover

KINDERHOOK–The Town Board met with two companies to hear proposals about updating the town website before the regular meeting on Monday. Board members plan to review services offered by each company and award a contract in April.

The board launched a new website about five years ago, Supervisor Pat Grattan said at the March 6 meeting. He said that that websites had changed a lot over the last five years and the town needs to upgrade its site. At meetings in the past he pointed out that the website was hard to update and change.

The board had asked former Councilman Peter Bujanow to create a request for proposals to seek companies interested in upgrading and maintaining the website. Mr. Bujanow said at the board meeting, “We are now in the evaluation phase.”

He told The Columbia Paper that the company currently managing the website, Virtual Towns, offered to upgrade the website for about $15,000 and another company, based in Wisconsin, bid $11,000 for the job. He said there would be an ongoing fee for hosting the site and that those numbers are still being negotiated.

The board plans to meet at 6:30 p.m. Monday, April 3, before the regular meeting, to discuss which company will get the contract.

Also at the meeting:

•Mr. Grattan said there will be a special Smart Climate Committee meeting Monday, March 20 to discuss a law on solar farms in the town. Mr. Grattan stressed that the committee would not be discussing roof mounted solar panels or panels on residential property. The meeting will have discussion of companies that buy land to put up several panels and contract with off-site companies and municipalities to use the energy credits. The Town Board passed a moratorium on permitting non-roof-mounted panels several months ago in order to give the Codes Committee time to review the laws on solar farm

• Supervisor Grattan also said there would be a regular Smart Climate Committee meeting Thursday, March 30. Both meetings are at 7 p.m. in the Martin H. Glynn Municipal Building

• Councilwoman Patsy Leader announced that the county clerk’s document shredding program for senior citizens, known as KISS, will return to the Glynn Building March 20 and run until the end of the month. Local seniors can put secure documents into locked boxes in the building until the documents are shredded

• Ms. Leader announced that the Dutch Reform Church in the Village of Kinderhook is hosting NA (Narcotics Anonymous) meetings Sunday nights at 7 p.m. She said she wanted to get that information out to the public

• Mr. Grattan announced that the board held a special meeting last Saturday about paving Wildflower Road, a private road that would need to be paved at the expense of property owners along the road before the town could take ownership of the road. Residents on the road signed a petition to have the town start the process to having the road paved and the town held a public hearing on the project in January. Several residents who came to the first public hearing had questions.

The supervisor said after the meeting Saturday, March 4, that there are still some issues to look into and the public hearing on the project is still open. No new meeting has been scheduled.

The next board meeting will be April 3 at the Glynn Building.

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