County offers help to Chatham CC4U

CHATHAM–Village Police Chief Peter Volkmann reported last week that the county Department of Social Services (DSS) will reimburse mileage for the Chatham Cares 4U program (CC4U).

The chief told the Village Board at the April 13 meeting that the county would reimburse the village for up to $6,000 in mileage expenses for the program, which arranges for treatment beds for people looking for help for their addiction. Village police find treatment services for addicted people and then drive them to those services in a Chatham police car at no cost to the addicted person.

At the meeting last week, the chief said that his part-time police force has found treatment slots for 95 people since he initiated the program last summer.

“Thank them heartily for us,” said Village Mayor Tom Curran of DSS.

Chief Volkmann said that the mileage has been submitted to the county and “a check is coming.”

The chief also said the program is receiving private donations that so far amount to about $3,000. “The donations seem to be coming in,” he said of the support.

He also said that Columbia Pathways to Recovery (CPR), a countywide program to help deal with the opioid crisis in the area, is creating a help line that people can call for information about finding treatment for addiction.

“That is going to help us greatly,” he told the board, saying that a lot of his officers’ time is taken up by people just looking for information. CPR is looking for volunteers, and Chief Volkmann said the police would train them. Interested people can email .

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