Coarc artists show work at Omi

GHENT – Omi International Arts Center celebrated its long-time partnership with Coarc on Friday, May 19, with a reception in the Omi education pavilion. Artists, friends and families gathered to admire a salon-style wall of pictures of great quality and variety.

Omi’s Director of Education Sasha Sicurella said that the project is a reminder of Omi’s efforts to increase accessibility and outreach to everybody in the community. This year there were over forty participants, double last year’s enrollment and the most ever. This year Ms. Sicurella recruited people from more Coarc centers in Hudson, Mellenville, Dayhab Without Walls and self-directed services in addition to Evergreen Hall in Valatie where the project started.

Workshops were conducted in the visitor’s center at Omi on a rotating schedule to craft their visions. “However,” said Ms. Sicurella, “within a two hour workshop more than half the time in group activity sharing games, music, conversation and other social activities; I think that for the artists this is the most enjoyable part of the workshop.”

She continued, “This social participation that is really what they are bringing back; I might say this is more important than the artwork.”

With the drawing, painting, collaging, and sculpting, she said, “There is a great level of mutual respect; we are making this artwork together. The participants learn to think and talk critically about the artwork.”

Amber Nedeau (l) and Tasia Campbell held their sculptures and the drawings they made of the sculptures in the Omi workshop. Photo by David Lee

Omi’s Director of Education Sasha Sicurella (third from l) stands with her team consisting of Beth Anne Murray, Christine Flood and Tabitha Sanchez at an celebration with Coarc last week. On her right are Harrison Martin and Coarc Direct Support specialist Betsy Fels. Photo by David Lee

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