EDITORIAL: Why so brief?

UH OH… you took it literally. The September 28 editorial urged readers to exercise your right to vote, even though the races this year are for local offices. Way down at the bottom the editorial also said, “Send us letters.” You’ve responded to that with more letters than we’ve ever received before–almost all of them about next month’s the election.

Besides the ones already published and those in this issue, there were 35 letters waiting to be processed as of last night, and we still have nearly three weeks and two more issues besides this one before we reach Election Day, November 7.

We will publish all of the letters that meet our requirements. We process them in the order they arrive. Then the placement of your letter on the page is determined by which letters fit where.

Laying out letters is a puzzle that frustrates attempts to insert editorial bias. And anyway, your letters are not fake news, no matter where they appear. They’re an unmistakable sign of an energized electorate. Candidates would be wise to pay attention to what you have to say.

Thank you for choosing to share your thoughts and opinions here. Regardless of the candidate or proposal or viewpoint you support or oppose, your willingness to speak up through your letters makes a difference. Silence nourishes tyranny.

Enough. We need the rest of this space for your letters.

(NOTE to our online readers: Letters to the Editor appear in the print edition of the paper. We do not have the resources to post them online.)

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