Bartlett wins 2nd term, Coleman tapped as coroner

GHENT–Initial results from Tuesday’s local elections show incumbent Columbia County Sheriff David Bartlett (R) with a commanding lead against challenger and Chatham Police Chief Peter Volkmann (D) with 45 of 50 county election of districts reporting.

But in what may be an upset, Dr. Andrea “Cricket” Coleman has maintained an 8% lead over former Germantown Supervisor Roy Brown (R) as voting districts reported in the race for a vacant position as one of three county coroners.

The results here come from the Times Union in Albany and are from only those races where all voting districts have reported. All vote counts are unofficial and are from the machine vote tallies on November 7. They do not include absentee ballots or write-in candidates.

In other races, incumbent Claverack Supervisor Kippy Weigelt, a Republican, defeated his Democratic opponent Laura Miller by 1,107 votes to 655.

Among the winners in Hudson was community activist and former mayoral candidate Linda Mussmann, running on the Democratic line for the seat on the county Board of Supervisors from the 4th Ward. She soundly defeated William Hughes Jr., also a Democrat and the current minority leader of the board, by a vote of 201 to 88.

There was also a change of leadership in the Town of Greenport, where Democratic challenger Kathy Leck Eldridge received 831 votes to win against incumbent Edward F Nabozny, a member of the Independence Party also running on the Republican line He received 726 votes.

In Stuyvesant, incumbent Republican Supervisor Ron Knott easily won reelection in his race against Democratic candidate Edward “Ned” Depew.

Separate ballot propositions for public Library funding increases passed with strong support from voters in the City of Hudson and in Claverack. The Hudson Area Library also sought more support from Greenport, but voters there rejected the request by less than 20 votes, in a 51%-to-49% split.


Columbia County 2017 Election Results

(Unofficial results for contested races only)



3rd Judicial District

Supreme Court Justice

(vote tally for Columbia County only)


DEM, WOR/ Julian D Schreibman

REP, CON, IND, REF/ Peter G Crummey


County Sheriff

DEM, WOR, WEP/ Peter Volkmann

REP, CON, IND, REF/ David P Bartlett





DEM, WOR, WEP/ Andrea “Cricket” Coleman

REP, CON, IND/ Roy Brown






Proposal Four

Library funding

Yes  1,009

No  417


Ward 2 Supervisor

DEM, REP, CON, IND/ Abdus Miah  148

WOR/ Willette M Jones  43


Ward 2 Alderman (Vote for 2)

DEM, WOR/ Tiffany M Garriga  168

DEM, IND/ Dewan A Sarowar  144

REP, CON/ Martin Martinez  51

WOR/ Victor Mendolia  102


Ward 4 Supervisor

DEM, WOR, IND, Bottom Line/ Linda Mussmann  201

REP, CON/ William Hughes Jr  88


Ward 4 Alderman (Vote for 2)

DEM/ Rich “Trixie” Volo  197

DEM/ John Rosenthal  196

REP, CON/ Lauren Scalera  107


Ward 5 Alderman (Vote for 2)

DEM, REP, CON/ Dominic Merante  247

DEM/ Eileen Halloran  200

REP, CON/ Robert J Donahue Sr  156





Council (Vote for 2)

DEM/ Bonnie Hundt  195

DEM/ Madeleine Israel  196

REP/ Marie A McDermott  172

REP, CON/ William J Broe  162

CON/ Daniel C Rothvoss  5





Council (Vote for 2)

DEM, WOR/ Greg Vogler

DEM/ Christopher Schober

REP/ Jack Howes


Highway Supt.

DEM/ Robert A Meehan Jr

REP, CON/ Robin Howes




(no contested races)





Council (Vote for 2)

DEM, Chatham Citizens/ John Wapner  754

DEM, Chatham Citizens/ Kevin Weldon  744

REP, CON, IND/ Michael R Blasl  649

REP, CON, IND/ Henry Swartz Jr  662





Proposal Four

Library funding

Yes  1,014

No  683



DEM, Claverack Party/ Laura Miller  655

REP, CON, IND/ Kippy Weigelt  1,107


Clerk/Tax Collector

DEM, Claverack Party/ Joanna Tipple

REP, CON, IND/ Mary J Hoose


Council (Vote for 2)

DEM, Claverack Party/ Dave Baylen  636

DEM, Claverack Party/ Stephen King  625

REP, CON, IND/ Stephen “Hookie” Hook 1,061

REP, CON, IND/ Brian Keeler  1,123





Council (Vote for 2)

DEM, Clermont First/ Sara Takacs  200

DEM, REP, CON, IND/ Robert G Desmond  389

REP, CON, IND/ Kris Gildersleeve  270





Council (Vote for 2)

DEM, WOR/ Jeanne E Mettler  547

DEM/ Richard T Wolf  434

REP, CON/ Andrew Fisher  335

REP, CON, IND/ Terry Sullivan  506



DEM/ Jeffrey Judd  334

REP, CON, IND/ Glenn Schermerhorn  620




(no contested races)




Council (Vote for 2)

DEM/ Tony Albino  318

DEM/ Don Westmore  323

REP, CON, IND/ Austin Sullivan  422

REP, CON, IND/ John Kukon  391




(no contested races)





Proposal Four

Library funding

Yes  549

No  568



DEM, WOR, IND/ Kathy Leck Eldridge  831

REP, CON, REF/ Edward F Nabozny  726


Council (Vote for 2)

DEM, WOR, IND/ Janice M Brodowski  931

DEM, WOR, IND/ Carol Peckham  694

REP/ Anthony J Rocha Sr  450

REP, CON/ Clayton Clark Jr  838





Council (Vote for 2)

DEM/ Thomas P Carty  348

DEM/ Gillian Sims-Elster  313

REP/ Carmen Barbato  263





Council (Vote for 2)

DEM, Good For Kinderhook/ Jake Samascott

DEM, Good For Kinderhook/ Bernadette Powis

REP, CON, IND, REF/ Patsy Leader

REP, CON, IND, REF/ Sally Hogan





Council (Vote for 2)

DEM/ Lewis Dimm

DEM/Natalie Sosnowski

REP/ Philip J Massaro

REP/ Thomas J Shumsky



DEM/ Stanley O Yarian

REP/ Angela Marie Guzzi



New Lebanon

(no contested races)




(no contested races)






DEM, WOR/ Edward “Ned” Depew  248

REP, CON, IND/ Ron Knott  414


Clerk/Tax Collector

DEM, WOR/ Leigh Widjeskog

REP, CON, IND/ Melissa A Naegeli


Council (Vote for 2)

DEM, WOR/ William Schneider  299

DEM, WOR/ Lee Jamison  267

REP/ Robert T Baumeister  304

REP, CON, IND/ Brian Chittenden  368


Justice (Vote for 2)

DEM/ Melanie Donahoe  243

DEM/ Nancy P Thomas  228

REP, IND/ William T Vick Sr  367

REP, CON, IND/ Carrie A O’Hare  412





Council (Vote for 2)

DEM, WOR/ Joyce Thompson

DEM, WOR/ Linda Swartz

REP, CON, IND/ Royce G Noblin Jr


Highway Supt.

DEM, REP/ George Hotaling

CON, IND/ Melvin W Stoddard Jr



Statewide Ballot Proposals

(vote tallies for Columbia County only)


Proposal Number One

Constitutional Convention




Proposition Number 2

Allowing the complete or partial forfeiture of a public officer’s pension if he or she is convicted of a certain type of felony




Proposal Number 3

Authorizing the use of Forest Preserve Land for Specified Purposes








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