Voters give high marks to school budgets

GHENT–With all of the six school districts in the county reporting, each of the districts’ annual budgets has won approval by a wide margin. Eight of 10 ballot propositions were also endorsed by voters, including capital projects in the Chatham and Taconic Hills districts. But in each of those districts voters rejected plans for supplemental capital spending proposals.

There were contested school board seats in three districts: Germantown, Ichabod Crane and Taconic Hills. In Germantown, where voters approved the $14.8-million budget proposition by 236 to 91, Heather Schultz had the highest vote tally with 244 votes. The other seat went to incumbent board member Donald Coons, with 159 votes. The third candidate in the race, Andrew Soltano, received 135 votes.

Voters in the Ichabod Crane (Kinderhook) Central School District picked three school board members from among four candidates: John Antalek, 698 votes; Regina Rose, 680; Jessica Berner, 583.

In Taconic Hill, where the budget cruised to victory 710 to 262, David Baylen won the most votes in the three-way race for two seats, with 566. Terry Sullivan won the other seat with 509. There were five open seats on the Chatham school board and four incumbents on the ballot. The fifth seat was won by Graham Button, who received 77 write-in ballots and will serve a one-year term ending June 30, 2019.



Proposed Budget


x Yes 600

No 257

Board candidates (5 seats)

x Denise Barry 632

x Beth Hover 583

x David O’Connor 604

x Patricia Wilson 569

x Graham Button (write-in) 77

Proposition 2:

$9.7mil. Capital Project

x Yes 613

No 244

Proposition 3:

$1.2 mil. Security Cameras

Yes 402

x No 458


Proposed Budget


x Yes 236

No 91

Board candidates (2 seats)

x Donald Coons 159

x Heather Schultz 244

Andrew Soltano 135

Proposition 2:

$3 mil Capital Reserve Fund

x Yes 229

No 97


Proposed Budget


x Yes 308

No 187

Board candidates (2 seats)

x Willette Jones 357

x Lucinda Segar 363

Proposition 2:

$715,000 transfer to

Repair Reserve Fund

x Yes 328

No 152

Ichabod Crane

Proposed Budget


x Yes 747

No 292

Board candidates (3 seats)

x John Antalek 698

x Jessica Berner 583

Brendan Caluneo 548

x Regina Rose 680

Proposition 2:

$476,020 bus purchases

x Yes 749

No 292

Proposition 3:

$5 mil. Capital Reserve Fund

x Yes 763

No 272

New Lebanon

Proposed Budget


x Yes 158

No 23

Board candidates (2 seats)

x Michael Brutsch 154

x William Buckenroth 158

Taconic Hills

Proposed Budget


x Yes 710

No 262

Board candidates (2 seats)

x David Baylen 566

Joseph Costa 500

x Theresa “Terry” Sullivan 509

Proposition 3:

$7.1 mil. for Capital Improvement Project

x Yes 635

No 341

Proposition 4:

$6.6 mil. Capital Improvement

Project north sports complex

x Yes 311

No 660

Proposition 5:

$404,800 for 5 school buses

x Yes 704

No 265

Proposition 6:

$118,836 from fund balance to replace bus lift

x Yes 760

No 197

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