DEC monitors algae at K’hook Lake

KINDERHOOK–The state Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has confirmed to the county that recent testing shows the presence of the cyanobacteria HAB (harmful algal blooms) in Kinderhook Lake.

According to Jack Mabb, director of the county Department of Public Health, his department never advised people not to swim in the lake. He said people should be aware of the blooms and educate themselves about the issue.

“Most of the people using the lake live on the lake,” he told The Columbia Paper this week. There are no public beaches on the lake. He said that according to the Kinderhook Lake Corporation, the non-profit group that owns the lake and maintains it, the harmful algal blooms are only in two parts of the lake.

The KLC website this week said that an HAB “can form anytime, but especially during these hot spells.” There is more information about dealing with the algal is at

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