ICC board’s not ready yet to show anybody the money

KINDERHOOK–The Ichabod Crane Board of Education started their board meeting 30 minutes early August 7 so members would have time to discuss what each board member wants to see in the proposed capital project they hope to be ready for voters to approve in December.

Even with extra time, the board meeting went until past 9:30 p.m., and the board didn’t not announce a final number for the project. Members of the public, district employees and administrators attended the meeting and also had a chance to make comments about what they wanted to see in the project.

There are facilities needs that must be part of any project to get state Education Department (SED) approval. State approval also means aid of over 70% for the total project. Once again the board debated upgrading the high school science, math and technology classrooms, artificial turf on the sports field, and replacement of temporary walls in the middle school that are now being used as classroom space for several grades.

There was also talk of safety issues, like bullet resistant film on the glass at the greeter stations in all the schools and putting walls around middle school cafeteria, which is now open to the hallway.

Before the meeting the board took a tour around the school with administrators and representatives from the architecture firm and the construction management firm working on the project proposal.

For the first time in the discussion, the board looked at upgrades needed to the stage at the high school and the music suites in each building. The cost to add more storage in the middle school and make the repairs to the high school performance space would be over $1.1 million, according the Melissa Renkawitz, from CSArch, the architecture firm working on the designs. But she stressed the firm needed more feedback from the board and the district on what they want to do.

The board still has more to discuss in the proposed project. There was a suggestion of a $20-million project during this long discussion at the Tuesday meeting.

“We have to put it out and try,” said Board member Regina Rose of getting the community to support the project cost.

The board will meet again to discuss the rest of the plan Tuesday, August 21 at 7 p.m. in the high school library. There is more information and a survey on proposed capital project that residents can take on the district’s website, www.ichabodcrane.org.

Also on the website are the bus schedules for next school year. The district is going to a one-bell system in September, which means there will be one bus run in the morning and one in the afternoon for students kindergarten through grade 12. Superintendent Michael Vanyo announced at the meeting that the bus run lists would be available for parents on Monday, August 13.

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