Kinderhook OK’s car charger bid

KINDERHOOK–At the August 8 meeting, the Village Board opened three bids for the electric car charging station they plan to put in municipal parking lot. The bids ranged from about $20,000 to $17,000, with one of the bids showing two costs, each at over $12,000.

Warren Applegate and Aileen Leventon, from the village Climate Smart Communities Task Force were at the meeting to hear the bids.

“I think we have to look a little further into this,” said Mayor Jim Dunham, saying board members needed to make sure they were comparing “apples to apples” with the bids. Ms. Leventon said she would review the bids to help the board with the process.

The village received state grant money to help with the cost of installing the charger. Municipalities that complete a certain number environmental tasks set out by the state, like the charger, qualify for larger grants for other local environmental upgrades.

Mr. Applegate said that the task force would like the village to move on the charger bids so that they can apply for the larger grants.

At a special meeting on August 22, the board accepted the bid from PlugIn to install the electric vehicle charging station for $12,813.

Also at the August 8 meeting:

• The board discussed a grant applied for to help pay for water main replacement work on William Street. The project would include repairs to the water lines on the street and the sidewalks

• The board thanked village Economic Development Director Renee Shur for organizing and her work during the visit from the mayor of Buren, Netherlands. Buren, the ancestral home of President Martin Van Buren, and Kinderhook are sister cities. There were several events during the mayor’s visit, including a flag raising, the planting of a friendship tree at Van Buren’s grave site and tours. Ms. Shur said that there are more economic development possibilities between the two municipalities but that the ball is now in village’s court. “They are beyond enthusiastic” she said of the representatives from Buren who visited the village.

Mayor Dunham said he wanted to make sure the village moves forward with creating a Dutch Heritage Week

• The board discussed applications from groups that want to set up voter registration tables during the Saturday Farmers’ Market in the village. The market is sponsored by the KBPA (Kinderhook Business and Professional Association). The board decided to allow the tables to be outside of the market, an approach the board has taken with other organizations that want to be at the market but are not vendors.

The next board meeting will be Wednesday, September 12 at 7:30 p.m.

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