Doll returns ‘home’ 54 years later

COPAKE—It started on a so-so note. Chris Quinby, president of the recently revived Copake Grange announced at a recent meeting that he had bought a doll on eBay whose seller had used the keyword “Copake” in advertising it.

Mr. Quinby wasn’t quite sure of the doll’s connection to the Grange, but he was donating it to the organization in any case.

Suddenly Grange member Bob Callahan who had been sitting in the middle of the large room got up, walked into a back room and returned holding a picture frame.

Here’s the explanation of your doll,” Mr. Callahan called out as he walked up to the front and handed the picture frame to Mr. Quinby.

Inside the frame was a photo of the very same doll and a blue ribbon. There was also a brief explanation that in April 1964 Grange member Marjorie Kofal had entered the doll in a “best-dressed doll contest.” In addition to the ribbon it had won a Grange pin for Ms. Kofal.

Mr. Quinby was dumbstruck and the Grange members were delighted. “But,” quipped one Grange member, “Is it a doll – or a boomerang?”

Framed photo of the doll found in the Grange archive. Photo contributed

Grange President Chris Quinby and the Grange’s best-dressed doll of 1954. Photo contributed

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