Dems do well in county vote

GHENT–Early returns show Democrats ahead or tied in several races around Columbia County as well as in the region where all or parts of the county are in larger districts.

All the ballot propositions on town ballots passed and Kinderhook voters upped funding for the Kinderhook Memorial and Valatie libraries and Stuyvesant voters raised their contribution to the Kinderhook Library. Also, Germantown voters approved the Town Board’s plan to abolish the town police force.

In the only contested countywide this year, Democrat Bernadette Powis appears to have won her race against county Coroner Carmen Martino by a vote of 12,883 to 11,584.

Democrat Antonio Delgado, with 54.5% of the vote was leading Representative John Faso, a Republican with 70% of election districts in the county reporting. The Times Union website reports that Mr. Delgado leads throughout the district by a similar margin, with many votes still to be counted.

Assemblymember Didi Barrett, a Democrat, is ahead of her opponent in the 106th Assembly District, Republican William Truitt.

Republican Assemblyman Chris Tague is leading his Democratic challenger Aiden O’Connor Jr. in the 102nd District.

The race between Republican Assemblyman Jake Ashby and Democrat Tistrya Houghtling shows Ms. Houghtling ahead in the county with all districts reporting but narrowly trailing Assemblyman Ashby district-wide.

The county numbers will be posted as all districts report.


THESE ARE THE UNOFFICIAL RESULTS from the Columbia County Board of Elections only for Columbia County. Races for statewide and district-wide office the tally for the whole state or district. The county vote totals do not include absentee or military ballots.



Andrew M. Cuomo   11,109

Marc Molinaro   13,339

Howie Hawkins   573

Stephanie A. Miner   258

Larry Sharpe   320



Thomas P. DiNapoli   15,231

Jonathan Trichter   9,460

Mark Dunlea   307

Cruger E. Gallaudet   141


Attorney General

Letitia A. James   12,870

Keith Wofford   11,074

Michael Sussman   374

Nancy B. Sliwa   140

Christopher B. Garvey   201


Supreme Court Justice, District 3 (vote for 2)

Margaret T. Walsh   14,709

Peter A. Lynch   12,586

William E. McCarthy   11,953


US Senator

Kirsten E. Gillibrand   15,174

Chele Chiavacci Farley   10,270


Representative in Congress

Antonio Delgado   13,897

John J. Faso   11268

Steven Greenfield   376

Diane Neal   267


State Senator 43rd District

Aaron W. Gladd   12,587

Daphne V. Jordan   12,320


Member of the Assembly 102nd District

Aidan S. O’Connor Jr.   775

Christopher Tague   1,026


Member of the Assembly 106th District

Didi Barrett   7,957

William G. Truitt   6,298


Member of the Assembly 107th District

Tistrya G. Houghtling    5,369

Jacob C. Ashby    3,959


County Clerk

* Holly C. Tanner   16,792


County Coroner

* Michael R. Blasl   15,195


County Coroner

Bernadette Powis  12,883

Carmen R. Martino   11,584


Ancram Town Justice

Catherine Redlich   282

Richard Novik   332


Claverack Town Justice

Michael H. Brandon   1,502


Germantown Town Tax Collector

Kerrie M. Abela   556


Hudson City Judge

John Connor Jr.   1,775


Stockport Town Justice

Sally Eckhoff   352

Malcolm G. Smalley   577


Taghkanic Town Justice

Robert Prochera   255


Ballot Proposals:


  • Town of Germantown

Shall the Town of Germantown Local Law No. 2 of 2018 abolishing the Town of Germantown Police Department be approved?

Yes    490
No     372


  • Town of Kinderhook, Proposition 1:

Shall the Town of Kinderhook increase its annual contribution for the operating budget of the Valatie Free Library by nine thousand one hundred fifty dollars ($9,150) to the sum of eighty thousand dollars ($80,000)?

Yes    2,383

No     1,312


  • Town of Kinderhook, Proposition 2:

Shall the Town of Kinderhook increase its annual contribution for the operating budget of the Kinderhook Memorial Library by forty-nine thousand dollars ($49,000) to the sum of two hundred forty-six thousand sixty-nine dollars ($246,069)?

Yes    1,881

No     1,771


  • Town of Stuyvesant:

Shall the annual contribution of the Town of Stuyvesant for the operating budget of the Kinderhook Memorial Library be increased by six thousand nine hundred twenty-one dollars ($6,921) to the sum of thirty four thousand seven hundred sixty-one dollars ($34,761)?

*Yes  492

No    325



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