G’town school officials happy about test results

GERMANTOWN—At the October 11 Board of Education meeting Nicole McCollum from Questar III presented an hour long PowerPoint presentation on the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) 2018 New York State Assessment. The district’s assessment results exceeded scores in some areas even beyond state expectations.

Asked about the results, district Superintendent Susan Brown said, “The board is very pleased that many of our students have achieved mastery level on the Regents.”

The state standards are based on criteria such as student academic achievement, student growth, academic progress and English language proficiency, which are only a few categories on the extensive list. A school district’s overall standing helps determine what aid the amount of state aid the district receives.

A statement from the board on this academic assessment says: “The Board of Education is proud of the achievements of all our students and will continue to provide the resources that our teachers, support staff and administrators need to prepare our students for not only the assessments, but also to be good citizens in our community.” Additional information can be found on the Germantown School webpage www.germantowncsd.org

Also at the meeting:

• The capital improvement project is set to begin in November—auditorium and music additions as well as other upgrades with a target completion date of December 2019

• James DiDonna, Jr./Sr. High School principal, acknowledged science teacher Mike O’Brien for receiving the New York State Master Teacher Award. In addition, Mr. DiDonna recognized Germantown’s athletes for receiving the NYSPHA Award for School Excellence

• The board passed a standard work day resolution for district clerk, district treasurer and for ERS employees

• Board members declined membership in CAPSBA (Capital District Board Member Association)

• Superintendent Brown opened the conversation about the topic discussed at the June Board of Education meeting with Questar III/BOCES Superintendent Gladys Cruz about post-school data and success rate of CTE students after graduation from the Germantown Central School District. The discussion on this topic will be addressed again in June 2019.

The next Board of Education meeting is November 14 at 6:30 p.m.

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