Chatham’s VideoVisions to star on TV

CHATHAM – Chatham’s VideoVisions, one of the last of the privately owned businesses solely dedicated to movie rentals, has become something of a tourist attraction.

On Saturday, March 2, a team from the nationally syndicated television magazine Inside Edition came to the village to gather material for an 8 to 10 minute segment dedicated to Steve Campbell’s VideoVisions, which he started with his partner Jim Dunavin in 1984.

Mr. Campbell has maintained the store with 23,500 titles and counting, all organized and cataloged. Mr. Campbell says he has never gotten rid of a title. He also keeps up with the latest releases, including the latest academy award winners, to which he has devoted a separate section.

Writer-producer Kevin Maher (seated) interviewed Ken Campbell while Jeremy Workman operates the camera and Avery Davenport observes. VideoVision’s store owner Steve Campbell watches from behind the counter. Photo by David Lee

Writer/producer Kevin Maher was alerted to the business by a friend from Poughkeepsie who found out about the store from a friend in Brooklyn. Mr. Maher brought a team including documentary film-maker Jeremy Workman to provide camera work. He interviewed Mr. Campbell, Mr. Dunavin, and Mr. Campbell’s father Ken Campbell. He interviewed customers, and he interviewed Frank Capozzo whose grandfather opened a general store there. Mr. Capozzo’s father continued that business until Mr. Campbell bought the building.

Mr. Maher says that the segment is what they call an evergreen piece for a documentary section that is presented once a week. He is not sure when it will air, but he believes it will be some time in the next couple of months.

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