Community helps Red Rock firefighters search for missing dogs

RED ROCK – This might be just another missing dog story except that the two dogs, Diesel and Zoey, are members of the family of Tab and Melissa Eigenbrodt who live in the forested hills of Red Rock. They have been community volunteers and activists for decades, and when the word got out that their dogs had run away, people responded in a manner that surprised even them. The poster featuring the two dogs has been shared on Facebook more than 7,000 times and they’ve heard from people they have never met wondering if there is anything they can do to help.

The Eigenbrodt’s have both been volunteer firefighters for many years. Mrs. Eigenbrodt is currently the chief of the Red Rock Volunteer Fire Company. They both work for the U.S. Postal Service.

Diesel is a Dalmatian who frequently rides in the Red Rock Fire Company’s antique fire truck in parades and Zoey is a bluetick coonhound. The dogs ran from the house on Saturday, March 2. They were reported on Tuesday, March 5 by somebody in the vicinity of Adams Point Beach at Queechy Lake, but when the Eigenbrodts arrived a few minutes later, the dogs could not be found.

Diesel, who ran away from home on March 2, in the Red Rock Fire Company’s firetruck in a parade in 2017 with owner Tab Eigenbrodt. Photo contributed

On Saturday, March 9, a massive search party was organized. Love’s Travel Stop at the intersection of Route 22 and Interstate 90 allowed them to set up a command post in the visitor’s center. Searchers armed with maps and a volunteer with a drone spread out over the area distributing fliers, talking to people, driving the back roads and calling out for the dogs.

One of those searchers was Michael Pizza of Hudson and he was out driving around again on Monday. He remembers seeing the post on Facebook on March 3 and joined the search the next day. “I didn’t know Tab and Melissa but saw how many times the alert had been shared- like 4,000 times- and decided I needed to get involved,” he said.

In an email, Mrs. Eigenbrodt wrote,“When bewildered by the contacts and sheer number of people involved in the safe return of my dogs, we’re told only ‘You do so much for so many others, it’s the very least we could do.’ This moves me to tears every time. My husband and I have been involved in community volunteerism for decades, and when we hear that volunteerism is dying we find it difficult to believe.”

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