The great fish count of ‘19 was held in Germantown


The 8th annual Great Hudson River Estuary Fish Count was held Saturday, August 10 at multiple sites along the Hudson River from the Capital Region to New York City. It is conducted by the state Department of Environmental Conservation both as a means of providing a rough census of the creatures that spawn and live in the river and also to teach residents about the river and its inhabitants.

In Columbia County, the site for the event was Lasher Park in Germantown. The Columbia Land Conservancy worked as a facilitating partner. A seine net (pictured) was pulled through the shallows to see what could be found. Wearing waders and pulling the net are Alex Kaplan (l) and Ron Pinkowski. DEC Educator Sarah Mount directs the activity. Also pictuted is Phoebe Kaplan, 6, examining an American eel which was found, documented and released back into the river. Photos by David Lee

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