Either way wind blows, it’s not good news

The house in Chatham Center that Allen Foster (pictured) lives in was built in 1701. A state historical sign out front reads, “Van Alstyne House, Reputed to have been a fort during Revolution.” Mr. Foster has owned the house for 50 years. About three years ago, two large elm trees that grew on the edge of the CSX property, within the railroad’s property fence, began to die. In early August, one of the two trees fell on the CSX tracks and has yet to be cleaned up. The second tree still stands but is leaning toward the house. Mr. Foster has made several attempts to get CSX to remove the tree before it falls on his house. A representative from the company examined the scene in April and assured him that it would be taken care of, but nothing was done. Calls to CSX by The Columbia Paper were not returned by deadline. Photo by David Lee

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