Faulty ballot forms blamed for vote delay

HUDSON—You can’t see all of them quite yet, but all the votes cast by Columbia County voters in last week’s election have been counted and results will be placed online at the County Board of Elections website.
The election results remain “unofficial” because by law counting absentee ballots must wait until next week to be sure all ballots have been received.
The results of contested races are published below. They do not include the race for district attorney and tallies for state Supreme Court justices in the 3rd Judicial District, which are still being reviewed, according to Democratic Election Commissioner Virginia Martin in a brief phone interview Wednesday, November 13.
Ms. Martin said all of the results now reflect the 700 ballots cast the first day and a half of early voting but not accepted at the time by the vote scanners.
In an email statement the same day, Ms. Martin said: “This was our first year of early voting, which included multiple sites, new technology, and issues with implementation. We need to do better.
“A significant factor with the delay of publishing results was associated with emergency ballots; the original printed ballots were not accepted by the voting machines. The ballots were re-ordered and arrived the second day of early voting. In the interim, voters cast almost 700 emergency ballots that had to be hand-counted the night of the election. Even with additional help, the count could not be completed Tuesday night.”
“Right now we’re on schedule,” she said Wednesday. She also described the early voting process as “complicated” and that it was like having “10 election days instead of one. The early voting began October 23 and lasted nine days. Most voters still went to the regular local polls on Election Day, November 5.
As for the delays in reporting the results, Ms. Martin said, “We were not the only county” experiencing problems, adding, “This is not going to happen again.”


3rd Judicial District

Supreme Court Justice (3rd Judicial Dist) 14 yr Term


John C. Egan Jr. (D,R,C,I)

Michael C. Lynch (D,R,WF,I)

Justin Corcoran (D,I)

Linda Blom Johnson (R,C)

Columbia County

District Attorney 4-yr Term

Eugene Keeler (D,WF)

Paul Czajka (R,C,I)

City of Hudson

Mayor 2-yr Term

Kamal Johnson (D,WF) 1,148

Rick Rector (R,C,I) 515

Common Council President 2-yr Term

Thomas M. DePietro (D,WF) 968

Rob Bujan (R,C,I) 632

Hudson 2nd Ward

2nd Ward Supervisor 2-yr Term

Abdus Miah (D,R,C.I) 160

Willette “Shell” Jones (WF) 91

4th Ward Alderman 2-yr Term (2)

Malachi Walker (D) 205

John S. Rosenthal (D) 188

Rich “Trixie” Volo (R) 115


Town Supervisor 2-yr Term

Brenda A. Adams (D) 462

Susanne M. Pemrick (R) 97

Town Council 4-yr Term (2)

Alan Miller (D,R) 492

Virginia A. Nightingale (D) 384

Marlene O. Tuczinski 187

Town Justice 4-yr Term (2)

Katherine E. Ambrosio (D,R) 516

Delena M. Schaefer (D) 401

Michael A. Dutcher (R) 157


Town Supervisor 4-yr Term

Maria Lull (D,CCN*) 700

Donal Collins (R,SAM**) 1,020

Richard W. Halleck (C)*** 33

Town Council 4-yr Term (2)

Michael A. Richardson (D, CU****) 718

Gabriella N. Sperry (D, CU****) 707

Abi Mesick (R,C,I) 1,022

Vance Pitkin (R,C,I) 1,038


Town Council 4-yr Term (2)

Ian Solomon (D,CP*****) 698

Katy Cashen (D,CP*****) 860

George E. Duntz Jr. (R,C,I) 936

Lisa Bowe (R,C,I) 836

Proposition No. 1—Library




Town Council 4-yr Term (2)

Lindsey Lusher Shute (D) 253

Dawn M. Brownson (D) 280

Cody A. Rockefeller (R) 240

Kevin Douglas Van Wagner Jr. (R) 198


Town Supervisor 4-yr Term

Jeanne E. Mettler (D,WF) 580

Kelly A. Miller-Simmons (R,C,I) 553

Town Council 4-yr Term (2)

Julie Cohen (D,WF) 505

Paulette Bonanno (D,WF) 514

Terry Sullivan (R,C,I) 582

Stanley Gansowski (R,C,I) 576

Town Justice 4-yr Term

Jeffrey Judd (D,WF) 523

Hilarie L. Thomas (R,C,I) 590


Town Council 4-yr Term (2)

Pat Odell (D) 240

D. Nichole Martini (D) 238

Jeffrey L. Galm (R,C,I) 222

Donald H. Coons (R,C,I) 221

Town Justice 4-yr Term

Tia S. Denenberg (D,WF,G,I) 270

Shane C. Bower (R,C) 215


Town Council 4-yr Term (2)

Kaare Christian (D) 431

Sara Suarez (D) 459

Ronald E. Moore II (R,C) 314

Lynn M. Clum (R,C,I) 359


Town Council 4-yr Term (2)

Patti Matheney (D,WF,I) 947

Koethi Zan (D,WF,I) 923

Peter Nelson Sr. (R,C) 926

Craig A. Simmons (R,C) 950


Town Council 4-yr Term (2)

Keith Mortefolio (D,R,C,I) 837

Guy Apicella (D) 561

Peter D. Merante Sr. (R,C,I) 455

Proposition One-Increase Town

Supervisor Term of Office




Town Supervisor 2-yr Term

Peter Bujanow (D,WF,G) 1,218

Patsy Leader (R,C,I) 1,812

Town Council 4-yr Term (2)

Bill Mancini (D,G) 1,214

Phillip Bickerton (R,C,I) 1,819

Timothy Ooms (R,C,I) 2,170

New Lebanon

Town Supervisor 2-yr Term

Tystrya G. Houghtling (D,WF,G,I) 554

Louis “Bud” Godfroy, III (R,C) 233

Town Clerk 2-yr Term

Marcie Robertson (D,G,I) 591

Darla Dobert (R,C) 242

Town Council 4-yr Term (2)

John M. Trainor (D) 460

Deborah Gordon (D) 411

Kevin C. Smith, Sr (R,VP******) 301

Chuck Geraldi (R) 243

J. Michael Deegan (WF) 26

Mark W. Baumli (VP) 160

Town Justice 4-yr Term

Monte Wasch (D,WF) 383

Jack Nevers (R,C,I) 443

Prop. One-Increase Town Supervisor Term



Prop. Two-Increase Town Hwy. Supt. Term



Prop. Three-Increase Town Tax Collector Term



Prop. Four-Increase Town Clerk Term




Town Supervisor 2-yr Term

Edward D. Depew, III (D,WF) 239

Ron Knott (R,C,I) 395

Town Council 4-yr Term (2)

Leigh Widjeskog (D,WF) 263

Lee Jamison (D,WF) 282

Kelly Williams (R,C,I) 361

Thomas Burrall (R,C,I) 332


Town Council 4-yr Term (2)

Kara Gilmore (D) 280

Elizabeth Craig (D) 235

Joshua C. Plass (R) 171

* Conserve Chatham Now Party

** “SAM” (Serve America Movement)

*** Withdrew after ballot was finalized

**** Chatham Unity Party

***** Claverack Party

****** Voice of the People

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