County reports 13th death; expects cloth masks for public

HUDSON—The Columbia County Department of Health (DOH) reports a 13th death due to the coronavirus as of April 22 at 3 p.m.

Positive cases of Covid-19 number 131; 56 of the 131 positive cases have recovered; 9 of the positive cases are hospitalized, 3 of those are in the ICU. The county DOH has received 988 completed test results for Columbia County residents; 129 residents are under mandatory quarantine and 12 under precautionary quarantine, according to the DOH.

The Columbia County Office of Emergency Management expects to receive 21,500 cloth masks from New York State as part of its Cloth Mask Distribution Plan, Emergency Management Director David W. Harrison, Jr., said in the county’s April 22 Covid-19 update press release.

“That’s the number we’ve been told to expect. Although unfortunately that number represents only about a third of the county’s population, it’s at least a start. We do request that those with access to their own cloth masks to please refrain from taking any of these masks,” Director Harrison said.

Following the state guidelines for distribution, the Columbia County plan centers around the reasoning that town supervisors and mayors know their areas best, and therefore are appropriately suited to determine where and how the cloth masks should be given out within their jurisdictions, he said in the release.

Based on the population of each town and the City of Hudson, the distribution plan provides masks to each municipality, with more masks going to areas with higher numbers of residents. In this county those are also the areas with a concentration of restaurants, retail stores,along with foot and vehicle traffic.

Additional information will be forthcoming as the number of masks is verified and plans are further refined.

As of the morning of April 22, New York State reported that 649,325 tests for Covid-19 had been administered statewide. Of that number, 251,690 yielded a positive result.

There are currently 16,076 individuals hospitalized, with 1,308 of those newly hospitalized. At this time, 14,828 have died from the virus, Director Harrison said in the release.

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