Galvan shifts site for 77-unit housing plan

Above is a rendering of the 77-unit housing proposal from the Galvan Foundation for the west side of North Front Street in Hudson. Image contributed

HUDSON—The Galvan Foundation seeks “to give people what they’ve been asking for: affordable housing anywhere in any part of the City of Hudson,” said Dan Kent, vice president of initiatives for that organization, in a phone interview June 15.

Construction projects underway in Hudson include continuing work on 356 Union Street, Hudson for affordable apartments. This is part of the foundation’s Housing Initiative announced March 2018. Of the 10 Galvan buildings in the initiative, the other nine already have tenants, Mr. Kent said.

(Late last week Galvan announced another project—the construction of a new location for The Starting Place, Coarc’s daycare center for children with special needs. The center will occupy part of the Galvan Armory at North 5th and State Streets, which is also the site of the Hudson Area Library. The Starting Place will include a playground. The program currently uses a former Coarc building. See sidebar below.)

At the same time Galvan is also pursuing plans to build an apartment complex on the west side of North 7th Street in Hudson that will create nearly 77 new housing units. The project will result in the demolition of three prewar residential buildings with shaded side yards, displacing between two and five households. Galvan already owns the buildings to be demolished.

Mr. Kent estimated the building will be completed two or three years from now.

The North 7th Street project was originally presented as a 77-unit building across the street on the east side of North 7th Street. It was planned as a four-story, mixed income residential building with commercial space as well. The only building that would have been demolished was a windowless “one-story building with shipping decks.”

Mr. Kent said the commitment to build the project at a location other than the one initially presented was made when Galvan evaluated what was involved to secure permits and project funding. He said that the new location would be more attractive to pertinent decision makers because it would be “easier to excavate” and farther from the nearby railroad tracks.

He emphasized that the new location, like the original site, is “walkable to stores and employment.” Tenants in the new building are expected to range in age from 20-somethings through senior citizens.

According to Mr. Kent, the new building will retain some of the technological features that won the project at the original proposal a Building of Excellence Award from the state Energy Research and Development Authority last November. The proposed building technologies would use “green” features.

The new building will be managed by the non-profit Galvan Asset Management, Mr. Kent said.

No alternate plans have been made for the original site, he said. Nor have any been made for another Galvan property in Hudson, a grassy slope on the corner of 4th and Columbia Streets, which Mr. Kent called “a great location.”

Meanwhile, the Galvan Foundation is working with other local entities, including the Columbia Economic Development Corporation, to hire a strategic housing consultant. This is the next step in advancing the Strategic Housing Action Plan adopted by the Hudson Common Council in 2008.

“We’re very excited to be working with Mayor Kamal Johnson,” Mr. Kent said.

Galvan, Coarc move forward on Day Care Center project

HUDSON – Galvan Foundation and Coarc announced they are moving forward with construction of The Starting Place Day Care Center in Galvan Armory, having secured funding from New York State.

New York State Division of Homes and Community Renewal awarded $1.15 million from the Community Investment Fund for the construction of the new day care center. Galvan is providing $698,500 in additional funds to build out a 8,000 square foot space in Galvan Armory for the center.

The Starting Place faced the impending loss of its current location and was unable to identify an alternative space. By relocating to the Galvan Armory, they establish long-term stability and benefit from proximity to the Hudson Area Library, Hudson Senior Center, and Perfect Ten Afterschool Program.

Construction is underway and Galvan anticipates completing construction in September.

“We were unable to find an alternative location for The Starting Place Day Care Center, until Galvan Foundation stepped in. We are thrilled to be joining Hudson Area Library, Hudson Senior Center, and Perfect Ten in the Galvan Armory,” said Ken Stall, executive director of Coarc, in a press release.

The Starting Place provides an early learning curriculum where day care students and children with disabilities learn side-by-side. Parents and staff set learning goals for each child, and children also develop social skills through interactions with teachers and other students.

“Research has shown that quality early learning opportunities can dramatically improve lifelong social and educational outcomes,” said Dan Kent, Galvan’s vice president for initiatives, also the release. “We are pleased to provide a new home for The Starting Place in Galvan Armory, and we thank the state of New York for its support.”

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