Hallenbeck is passionate voice for families

To the Editor:

I was formerly the legislative Chair of the Committee on Children in the Connecticut General Assembly, where I was constantly trying to convince more women to run for office. Women bring a unique perspective into the political arena. Particularly young women.

Here in Chatham we have the unique opportunity to elect an incredibly qualified young woman to the Town Board. Destiny has proven herself to be a passionate voice for families. Whether it is for healthy food options, affordable housing, broadband access or the myriad issues we face in this ever-changing world, Destiny is eager to take on the challenge. Valedictorian in her Chatham High School graduating class, Chatham School Board member, former president of College Democrats in New York, Destiny has already achieved a significant amount in her young life and is ready to make a positive impact on our town.

Please join me and vote for her on November 2.

Diana Urban, president

Protecting Kids and Pets Partnership


They support Claverack Republican ticket

To the Editor:

We’re writing to express our full support and endorsement of Claverack’s hometown team, Kippy Weigelt for Town Supervisor, Steve Hook and Doug Colwell for Town Council, Mary Jeanne Hoose for Town Clerk and Louie Lamont for Town Highway Superintendent.

Together, this team has done amazing work on our behalf; tax cuts, improvements to our parks and roads, new businesses opening in town, tight budgets that are under the State tax cap and so much more. We’re fortunate to have them and fortunate that they are willing to serve.

Stan Card, our father and father-in-law, and past Claverack Town Supervisor used to say how important it is to plan for rainy days. “Make hay when the sun shines.” This team has done just that. Their leadership and performance is second to none. We’re lucky to have them here in Claverack and must get out to vote to keep them in office.

Please join us in voting for Kippy, Hookie, Doug, Mary Jeanne and Louie on November 2nd!

Shanda Steenburn

Gary Steenburn


She has high praise for Hallenbeck

To the Editor:

When I think of Destiny Hallenbeck the words strong, smart, motivated and independent immediately come to mind. I have known Destiny for many years as she graduated with my son from Chatham High School. I have enjoyed watching Destiny grow up and become an impressive leader. I often see her when I am out and about in the community, she is always friendly, caring, a good listener, and always willing to help.

As a past Chatham Central School District Board of Education Member I was super excited to learn that Destiny won a seat on the Board of Education and now is running for a seat on the Chatham Town Council. I feel that the younger generation needs to get involved in what is going on in their community. Destiny is a role model for younger people to step up and help make decisions that will form our future. She has so many positive attributes that will allow her to be a great Chatham Town Council member.

Melony Spock


Shufelt will be ‘people person’ on Claverack Board

To the Editor:

I was delighted when I heard that Brenda Shufelt is running for a place on the Town Board of Claverack. She has the time, now that she’s semi-retired, to devote to board work and the energy needed to deal with the complicated environmental issues facing the town. Brenda is a people person, able to talk to anyone, and interested in everyone’s concerns. She will add a dynamic and compassionate element to the board.

Joanne Vilaghy


Hallenbeck knows how make Chatham better

To the Editor:

It is with great pleasure I write this letter in support of Destiny Hallenbecks’ campaign for a seat on the Chatham Town Council.

Destiny has always lived in Chatham. Born and raised. She knows what needs to be done to retain the wonderful character and heritage here. And she knows how make Chatham better. She is committed to affordable housing and making it a great place to live. Her enthusiasm and initiative as displayed in her current community involvement is bar none. This initiative is in addition to attending Union College over the past four years, while serving as President of the College Democrats of New York and while serving as the district representative on the Columbia County Democratic Executive Committee. And, she sits on the Board of the Chatham Central School District Board of Education. And yes, she hasn’t even graduated college yet. But what I would like to emphasize is Destiny’s sense of understanding. She listens to people and is a problem solver. She cares deeply about the facts. She cares deeply about what is best for all of Chatham, not what might be good for a small few. Destiny has shown she is for Chatham and she has earned my support.

Please join me in voting for Destiny Hallenbeck on Nov. 2.

Chris Spencer


Melissa Miller is excited to hear ideas of others

To the Editor:

My husband and I have lived in Valatie since 2019 and new to the area. When we support a candidate, we want to make sure their interests are the best for the community where we reside. After knowing Melissa Miller for over a year now, she represents this in so many ways.

First, Melissa is dedicated to the Town of Kinderhook. She actively volunteers, is the president of the Ichabod Crane PTA, and the president of the Friends of Kinderhook Dog Park. My husband and I first met Melissa at the local dog park. She was very friendly, welcoming, and patient with all our questions.

Second, she is passionate and wants to engage the community. Melissa demonstrates these qualities as she actively elicits feedback when leading meetings at the Kinderhook dog park. She is excited to hear everyone’s opinions so she can truly make the best decisions for the future of the Kinderhook dog park.

Third, Melissa is intelligent, transparent, and a proven problem-solver. When a message needs to be delivered, she knows how to utilize the varying levels of communication. Whether that be, knocking on doors and attending numerous meetings to provide in-person communication or utilizing the power of social media, Melissa is committed to the Town of Kinderhook and making sure everyone is aware of the concerns and goals.

This is why my husband and I fully support Melissa Miller’s candidacy for Kinderhook Town Board. She truly wants to support her community and make Kinderhook a better place for everyone, no matter their economic, social, or political status.

Stephanie and Christopher Ide


John Faso urges ‘No’ vote on Prop. 1

To the Editor:

In 2014, New York voters – prodded by former Mayor Ed Koch – adopted a constitutional amendment which created an independent commission on redistricting. The amendment was supported on a bipartisan basis, and while not perfect, was a vast improvement over the prior system.

Now, Democrats in the state Legislature have placed a new redistricting amendment – Proposition 1 – on the ballot this year which purports to reform the redistricting provisions of our state Constitution. If adopted on November 2nd, this amendment will eliminate many protections afforded legislative minorities under the 2014 amendment and would rig our political system to benefit those currently holding power in Albany.

Because of these changes, groups such as the League of Women Voters and the New York Citizens Union are strongly opposed to Prop 1.

Proposition 1 is a long, convoluted change to the existing redistricting provisions in our state constitution. However, the real purpose – intentionally obscured to confuse the uninitiated – is to remove bipartisan protections and voting procedures which govern New York’s Independent Redistricting Commission.

That amendment, for the first time in our history, established standards which requires districts to respect communities of interest and jurisdictional boundaries. Districts also cannot be drawn to favor certain candidates or political parties. The amendment was a bipartisan compromise and was far better than what previously existed.

Prop 1 is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Vote No on Prop 1.

John J. Faso


(The writer previously served in Congress and the state Assembly. He was GOP candidate for governor in 2006.)

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