Protesters gather to challenge Texas law

People assembled in the 7th Street Park in Hudson for a march to defend access to abortion, October 2. Speakers included Assemblymember Didi Barrett (D-106th), New Lebanon Supervisor Tistrya Houghtling, Columbia County Democratic Committee Chair Sam Hodge, community advocate and organizer Jabin Ahmed, and Rev. Kim Singletary of the Columbia County Women’s Alliance. The primary target of their protest was the new Texas abortion law and the Supreme Court’s failure to review it. Supervisor Houghtling (pictured playing the ukelele) sang “You Don’t Own Me” made popular by Leslie Gore in 1963 and Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are A-Changin”, also recorded that year. She was accompanied by her mother. Large crowds gathered in cities around the country, including New York and Washington, D.C. Photo by David Lee

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