Krapf ousts Bartlett in race for Sheriff

HUDSON—The unofficial results of the 2021 election in Columbia County this week saw Republicans retain their hold on the Board of Supervisors and county government. But in the race for sheriff, Donald Krapf, running on the Democratic line, appears to have soundly defeated incumbent Sheriff David Bartlett, who was seeking a third four-year term. Mr. Krapf will get a hefty promotion in January when he takes over the position of sheriff; he is presently a sergeant in the county Sheriff’s Office.

GOP candidates in the towns of Claverack, Germantown, Ghent, Kinderhook and Stuyvesant all turned back challenges from Democrats. The results so far reflect the count from early voting and on November 2, Election Day. Still to be counted are absentee and military ballots that have not yet been received.

This is an off-year election, which means that there are no statewide or federal positions on the ballot. There were, however, five statewide ballot proposals to amend the state constitution. There also were library service funding proposals affecting six towns in the county. All of the library proposals were approved by voters in those towns by significant margins.

Inside we have prepared a list of the results only where there were contests for governmental offices. Many of the candidates ran unopposed. The results of all local elections are available from the Columbia County Board of Elections either in person or online by searching on the name of the board. But be aware that the Board of Elections computer system blocks some searches by Google browsers.

David Bartlett 8647
Donald Krapf 10505

Hudson Treasurer
Heather S. Campbell (D, HH) 935
Michael Hofmann (WF) 241

TOWNS (inc. other Hudson)

Town Board (2)
Bonnie Hundt (D) 276
Amy Gold (D) 264
Steve Olyha (R) 260

Library Funds
Yes 284
No 194

Hwy. Supt.
Peter M. Fitzpatrick (D) 340
Patrick W. Doyle (R) 301

Clerk/Tax Col
Josh Weisbuch (D) 374
Robin L. Crosby ( R) 234

Town Board (2)
William E. Powers (D) 392
David L. Patzwahl ( R) 314
John Reinhardt (R) 236

Hwy. Supt.
Stephen B. VanTassel (D) 396
John “Jack” Crosby ( R) 217

Town Clerk
Beth Slotter (D, Ch.) 731
Beth Anne Rippel (R, C) 821

Town Board (2)
Destiny Hallenbeck (D,WF) 867
Daniel Horst ( R, C) 679
Rick Werwaiss (D, Ch.) 812
Jody Nesbitt ( R, C) 687

Town Supervisor
Kathleen Proper (D, WF) 822
Clifford “Kippy” Weigelt ( R, C) 1151

Town Clerk/Tax Col
Nat Drake (D) 695
Mary J. Hoose ( R, C) 1269

Town Board (2)
Brian C. Yorck (D, WF) 795
Stephen “Hookie” Hook (R, C) 1112
Brenda Shufelt (D, WF) 865
Douglas J. Colwell (R, C) 1112

Town Clerk
Penny M Panoullas (D) 224
Tracy J.Gallant (R, C) 302

Town Board (2)
Susannah Bradley (D) 228
Kris Gildersleeve (R, C) 325
Robert G. Desmond (R, C) 328

Library Funds
Yes 567
No 377

Town Justice
Matthew A. Gold (D) 266
Frederick C. Schlutz (R, C) 176

Town Supervisor
Robert W. Beaury (D, C) 413
David L. Helsley (R.) 471

Town Board (2)
John Conor Guy (D) 357
Austin P. Sullivan (R, C) 539
Melora E. Kuhn (D) 361
John Kukon (R, C) 503

Town Justice (2)
Carol Neville (D) 367
Wendy Nack-Lawlor (R, C) 602
John J. Rustici (R, C) 514

Hwy. Supt.
William Foster (R, C) 425
Anthony C. Cidras (D) 470


Town Supervisor
Mallory M. Mort (D, WF) 958
Craig Simmons (R, C) 1140

Town Board (2)
Laurie Johnson (D, WF) 958
Wally Engel (R, CG) 1118
Carl Quinn (D, WF) 977
Scott C. Myers (R, CG) 1061

GREENPORT (No town offices this year)

Town Board (2)
Thomas P. Carty, Jr (D, HU) 406
Jimmy Dawson (R, C) 357
Joanna Virello (D, HU) 337

Library Funds
Yes 475
No 193

Heather S. Campbell (D, HH)
Michael Hofmann (WF)

Alderman (2)
Art Frick (D) 163
Gary Purnhagen (D) 137
Margaret Morris (write-in) 161

Heather S. Campbell (D, HH)
Michael Hofmann (WF)
Abdus Miah (D, C) 150

Tiffany Garriga (WF) 45

Alderman (2)
Dewan Sarowar (D, C) 157
Mohammed Rony (D) 133
Lee J. Bradshaw ® 14

Heather S. Campbell (D, HH)
Michael Hofmann (WF)

Alderman (2)
Calvin Lewis (D, WF) 131
Ryan M. Wallace (D) 170
Amber Harris (write-in) 84

Heather S. Campbell (D, HH)
Michael Hofmann (WF)

Heather S. Campbell (D, HH)
Michael Hofmann (WF)

Alderman (2)
Dominic Merante (D, C) 230
Rebecca R. Borrer (WF) 67
Vicky Daskaloudi (D, HN) 258

Matthew L. Nelson (D, KU) 990
Timothy Ooms (R, C) 1571

Town Board (2)
Jill Mescia (D, KU) 1079
Sean Casey (R, C) 1394
Melissa R. Miller (D, KU) 1026
Debbie Johnson (R, C) 1493

Library Funds
Yes 1315
No 1202


Town Clerk/Tax Col
Desiree M. Webber (D) 385
Tammy Molinski (R.) 687

Town Board (2)
Casey Halladay (D) 435
Phillip J. Massaro (R.) 605
Rebecca Schroeder Harcleroad (D) 466
Thomas J. Shumsky (R.) 587

Town Justice
Lynndee Kemmet (D) 444
Angela M. Guzzi (R,) 621


Town Board (2)
Britt Buckenroth (D, WF) 427
Kevin C. Smith, Sr. (VP) 236
Marianna Anthonisen (D, WF) 454

Library Funds
Yes 381
No 309

STOCKPORT (No town offices this year)


Lee Jamison (D, WF) 270
Ron Knott (R, C) 460

Town Clerk/Tax Col
Julie Cerny (D, WF) 252
Melissa Naegeli (R, C) 482

Town Board (2)
William Schneider (D, WF) 313
Brian Chittenden (R, C) 430
Mark Burch (D) 266
David Quinn (R, C) 406

Town Justice
David C. Marden (D) 249
Carrie A O’Hare (R, C) 471

Library Funds
Yes 412
No 307


Town Board (2)
Linda Swartz (D) 283
Joshua C. Plass (R, C) 224
Elisabeth Albert (D) 278

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