Hudson resident arrested for weapons possession

Illegal guns seized in a domestic violence case. Photo contributed

HUDSON—Hudson Police arrested Jonathan Jones, a/k/a, “Smash,” 54, of Hudson for third degree criminal possession of a weapon, a class D felony; two counts of fourth degree criminal possession of a weapon, criminal obstruction of breathing, all class A misdemeanors, and second degree harassment, a violation, January 12.

That day at 3 a.m. Officer Evan Foutch was on patrol duty in the area of Third Street and Long Alley, when he heard one single gunshot come from the 200 block of Long Alley.

Shortly after the officer heard the gunshot, Columbia County 911 received a call about an active physical domestic incident at a nearby residence on the 200 block of Columbia Street.

Officers immediately patrolled to the Columbia Street apartment and investigated the incident where a woman alleged she had been choked and a weapon had been discharged.

Police secured a search warrant signed by Columbia County Court Judge Nichols. With the assistance of State Police, the HPD conducted a search of the apartment.

Police recovered an unregistered 9mm hand gun, a shotgun, and .22 rifle. Mr. Jones is a convicted violent felon and is not legally allowed to possess the firearms.

He was arraigned by Judge John Connor in the City of Hudson Court. He was sent to the Columbia County Jail with no bail. He was to return to court at a later date. Judge Connor issued a full stay away order of protection against Mr. Jones.

“I credit our officers and detectives as well as our other law enforcement team members with doing the extra work needed to find these guns, identifying who is responsible, and removing them from our neighborhoods. We have active investigations into recent gun violence and we will continue to press forward.” Hudson Police Chief L. Edward Moore said in a press release.

Anybody who is a victim of domestic violence can reach out to the New York State 24-hour domestic and sexual violence hotline at 1-800-942-6906.

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Different juries find two defendants guilty in one day

HUDSON—Two different Columbia County juries convicted two different defendants on the same day in Columbia County Court, January 12, according to a press release from District Attorney Paul Czajka.

Defendant Tony Winston, 42, of the Bronx was convicted of third degree criminal sale of controlled substance and tampering with physical evidence. The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office arrested Mr. Winston August 20, 2020 after he was found with 105 grams of cocaine and 165 grams of marijuana during a traffic stop on the Taconic State Parkway in Claverack. He was convicted after a six-day trial.

Judge Jonathan D. Nichols presided over the case. In the release, DA Czajka commended Deputy Chief District Attorney Ryan Carty on his prosecution of the case and Investigator Patrick Logue, Deputies John Sullivan and Michael Meier. Mr. Winston will be sentenced at a later date. Judge Nichols denied the DA’s request that defendant be remanded to jail

Howard Greenberg of Brooklyn represents Mr. Winston.

Also convicted the same day was defendant Juan Tyler-Diaz, who was found guilty of second degree rape; first degree sexual abuse; third degree sexual abuse; forcible touching; and endangering the welfare of a child (two counts).

The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office charged Mr. Tyler-Diaz, 24, of Albany May 6, 2021 in the Town of Chatham. The jury deliberated for about four hours before reaching its guilty verdict. Judge Richard Koweek will sentence Mr. Tyler-Diaz March 3. The defendant faces up to 14 years in prison.

Assistant District Attorney Joyce Crawford prosecuted the case with the assistance of Assistant District Attorney Krista Kline.

In the release, DA Czajka commended both victims, saying, “They have shown immense courage and determination throughout the case, and through their commitment and bravery, have enabled us to secure a successful prosecution.”

He also commended the victim advocates at the Child Advocacy Center and Sheriff Donald Krapf’s deputies and investigators for their hard work. Judge Koweek granted the DA’s request and remanded defendant to jail.

Public Defender Shane Zoni represents the defendant.

American Red Cross offers winter storm tips

GHENT—As residents brace for winter storms and arctic temperatures, the Red Cross offers winter safety tips to stay safe:

*Winter weather can bring life-threatening conditions. Stay indoors and wear layers of loose fitting, lightweight warm clothes

*Check on relatives, neighbors and friends, particularly if they are elderly or live alone

*Avoid overexertion, such as shoveling snow, pushing a vehicle or walking in deep snow

*Caulk and weather-strip doors and windowsills to keep cold air out. Install storm windows or cover windows with plastic from the inside to provide an extra layer of insulation to keep cold air out

*Make sure you have enough heating fuel on hand

*Protect pipes from freezing

*Bring pets inside during cold winter weather.

When headed outside:

*Wear layered clothing, mittens or gloves, and a hat

*Cover your mouth to protect your lungs from severely cold air

*Keep dry. Change wet clothing frequently to prevent a loss of body heat. Wet clothing loses much of its insulating value and transmits heat rapidly away from the body

*Stretch before you go out. If you go out to shovel snow, do a few stretching exercises to warm up your body. This will reduce your chances of muscle injury

*Avoid overexertion, such as shoveling heavy snow, pushing a vehicle, or walking in deep snow. The strain from the cold and the hard labor may cause a heart attack. Sweating could lead to a chill and hypothermia

*Walk carefully on snowy, icy sidewalks. Slips and falls occur frequently in winter weather, resulting in painful and sometimes disabling injuries

*If you must go out during a winter storm, use public transportation if possible. About 70 percent of winter deaths related to ice and snow occur in automobiles

*To avoid frostbite and hypothermia, be aware of the wind chill and dress appropriately

*When outside, stay active to maintain body heat, take frequent breaks from the cold and avoid unnecessary exposure of any part of the body

*Drink liquids, such as warm broth or juice, but avoid caffeine and alcohol

*Get out of the cold immediately if signs of hypothermia or frostbite appear. These signs include shaking uncontrollably, getting extremely tired, turning very pale or getting numb fingers, toes, ears or nose

*To treat someone who may have hypothermia or frostbite, gently warm them by wrapping them in a blanket and giving them warm drinks and high-energy foods. Call 911 if these signs are severe.

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