Copake smells pretty good to these canine scent sleuths

The American Pit Bull Terrier Club of New England (APBTCONE) sponsored a Nosework Match in the Copake Memorial Park community building on January 28. Thirty-nine dogs of all breeds from around the region were put through their paces to find things in a variety of circumstances using only their noses. The match is a prerequisite for the organization to conduct officially sanctioned United Kennel Club events in the future. Belynda Crick Flynn (bottom) watches for the alert from the dog named Ninja that she has discovered which box contains the scent or “hide.” This test is a novice event in which even first time dogs can participate. The experienced dogs will find the scented box in less than 10 seconds. Jennifer Fimbel of Amenia (top) follows her dog Ruff-n-tumble as he locates the proper box in 10.5 seconds. Photos by David Lee

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