Nameless the chicken likes riding in the car of owner Heather Kromer, probably because the car’s a coupe. Photo by David Lee

Was this chick plucked from flock for stardom?

OLD CHATHAM—Many chickens have squawked and strutted their way to fame. The Little Red Hen, Chicken Little, Foghorn Leghorn, Camilla the Chicken, the San Diego Chicken and Kentucky Fried Chicken spring to mind.

Now a new poultry star, one that challenges dog’s standing as man’s best pal, is vying to have its name added to the list–whenever it finally gets a name.

This devoted chicken we’ll call Nameless was born the week before Labor Day weekend. Its mother is a Bantam or Banty hen and its father is a “strapping” rooster of an unknown variety, according to Heather Kromer, 41, of Cold Water Creek Farm in East Nassau, where Nameless resides. Read more…

G’town pursues Common Core goals

GERMANTOWN–Nichole McCollum of BOCES Questar III presented her analysis of the 2016 Common Core English Language Arts (ELA) and Math Results to the Board of Education of the Germantown Central School District at their September 14 meeting.

Ms. McCollum is senior school improvement data analyst at BOCES. Her analysis resulted in a 78-page PowerPoint presentation, which can be found on the district’s website,

Asked to analyze the analysis, Superintendent Susan Brown said Monday, “For many years we have used test results to inform instruction for students on target to achieve the test standards and for those who have a gap between their ability and the standards and need help to achieve the standard.” Read more…

Hillsdale bars solar farms ahead of new zoning

HILLSDALE–Following public comments at the September 13 meeting, the Town Board approved a six-month moratorium on commercial solar power installations in the town.

In an interview after the meeting town Supervisor Peter Cipkowski said the moratorium was required because current zoning laws were deemed inadequate to regulate commercial solar businesses in light of concerns about safety of installations, aesthetics and the future decommissioning of outdated and abandoned facilities. Read more…

Wary of overruns, K’hook tweaks new garage plan

KINDERHOOK–The Village Board held a special meeting last week to discuss change orders to the new Department of Works garage. The new request, added to the three other change-work orders, will add about $5,000 to the $357,000 project.

Ray Jurkowski from Morris Associates, the engineering firm working for the village on the new garage, said the board has contingency funds in the budget that have not been spent. “There has been no money drawn off the allowance so you still have $5,000,” he told the board at the Wednesday, September 14 meeting. Spending those funds would put the project over budget by about $132. Read more…

Some in G’town bridle at state’s roadside aesthetics

GERMANTOWN—Talk at the Town Board workshop meeting September 13 was of the new guardrails that are part of the sidewalk project, and the talk was not happy.

Resident Norman Mintz, who has worked in public space planning for decades, is now on the town’s Comprehensive Plan Review Committee. “I’ve been reading the current plan,” he said, “and the vast majority of respondents loved the small-town qualities of Germantown and wanted to preserve them. Read more…