EDITORIAL: Not many choices

THE LAND OF LOCKDOWN encourages too much thinking about too few topics. So what about something different like, say, a birthday. And wouldn’t you know it, I just happen to have one in mind: Ours.

“Ours” in this case refers to the print edition of The Columbia Paper. The first issue was published April 16, 2009. Two months earlier The Independent, a twice-weekly local newspaper, had been closed by the newspaper chain that owned it. Nearly 30 people lost their jobs. I was among them.

What we now call the Great Recession shed about 500,000 jobs nationwide that month alone. It was the greatest economic downturn since the end of World War II. Not a great time to start a new business. Read more…

THE CAPITOL CONNECTION: What’s the problem? Blame the ‘city people’

THERE’S NEW YORK CITY and there’s upstate New York. From what I can figure, Yonkers is where upstate starts. This is just another example of what we can call “we-they” syndrome.

Human beings have always been territorial. That’s why people hire professionals to make sure that no one encroaches on their property by a quarter of an inch. Wars have been waged over this territoriality thing and the upstate-downstate split is just one of those things. It’s convenient for those folks who are concerned that the New York City folks have more than they do. That’s certainly not true for many of the people who live in the city. Places like the Bronx have more poor people than anywhere else in the country but hey, who wants to deal with facts when there are feelings to be followed? People like Donald Trump cater to these feelings. Indeed, an argument could be made that this exacerbation of differences is what got him elected President of the United States.

As you probably know, the whole “we-they” syndrome has been exacerbated by the coronavirus mess. Cuomo has made it clear that he will move things around to different sections of the state when and where they are needed. That was a golden opportunity for some of the upstate cheap tin horn politicians to metaphorically yell, “Batten down the hatches.” Read more…