EDITORIAL: What defines a ‘hardship’?

IF YOU’RE SERENA WILLIAMS, then yes, having to wait for a tennis court would be a hardship. But if you’re a sports mega-star like Ms. Williams, you don’t wait for a court, the tennis court waits for you.

If this pearl of wisdom doesn’t make sense, that’s understandable. It’s what you get from an editorial that connects the words “tennis” and “hardship.”

The Chatham Town Board has to decide whether to grant a hardship waiver that would exempt one landowner from a town moratorium that prohibits new construction along unpaved town roads. This is not your average hardship case.

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Challenges reveal totalitarian mindset

To the Editor:

Have I missed my deadline? Oh, I’m sorry. I’m just coming out of a shock induced by people who are my neighbors. Foolish me, I thought even though we may be on different sides politically, we look out for one another. I see you by the side of the road, I stop and pick you up and use my cell phone to call a tow truck. I see you have a tree on your roof I call for help if you’re not home. You limp into the town hall to vote with a bad leg, I let you go ahead of me if there’s a line. Like that. Read more…

Closed market is blow to town

To the Editor:

The recently closed New Lebanon Supermarket is a like a sharp belly blow to the shoppers and to the business district. Let’s face it. No one store can compete with Price Chopper in Chatham (slated for expansion) and Big Y in Pittsfield. Why Try? Read more…

Many helped brighten Christmas for others

To the Editor:

The Christmas Basket Organizing Committee of Our Lady of Hope Parish, Copake Falls, would like to extend our gratitude to all those in the community who contributed to the Christmas Baskets this year. Your generosity provided holiday dinner to 138 families, including 305 senior adults and adults, and 248 children. Read more…