Where did the name Cheviot come from?

AMONG THE MOST DISTINCTIVE PLACE names on a map of Columbia County is Cheviot, the name of a riverfront hamlet in Germantown. How did a Scottish place name end up gracing the Hunterstown tar camp, where German Palatine refugees labored from 1710-1712?

Sometime after the Palatine migration but before 1762, a sawmill was built by “Judge” Robert R. Livingston on the small creek that runs to the Hudson through this area. Though many thoughtful observers may be led to think that Germantown was relatively free of it from an early date, Livingston family influence on this little hamlet would linger well into the 20th century.

By the time of the 1798 Wigram map, the area had become known as Jacobi’s Landing, named for local resident and Palatine descendant Heinrich Jacobi (1753-1807). By the close of the 18th century, the area was a busy shipping port. The name Jacobi’s Landing slowly faded from usage in the years after Heinrich’s death.

The Cheviot railroad crossing in the mid-twentieth century. Note the mail pouch hook at trackside on the right. Photo courtesy Germantown History Department

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Store foes say permit’s expired; not so, says town

COPAKE—A proposed gas station/convenience store in the Craryville hamlet has been under site plan review by the Copake Planning Board for more than a year and a half and remains as contentious as when the public hearing opened.

GRJH, Inc., established in 1995, is a privately-held wholesale gasoline and oil company in Millerton, Dutchess County. It proposes to build a new gas station/convenience store on the northwest corner of the state Route 23, county Route 7 and Craryville Road intersection.

The 1.7-acre site at the four-way intersection is where the former Craryville supermarket once stood, between the Craryville Post Office to the west and the Craryville United Methodist Church to the east. Read more…

K’hook is latest town pressing state for road repairs

VALATIE–Road work on Route 203 was part of the discussion at the Kinderhook Town Board meeting Monday night. Councilwoman Patsy Leader said she is putting together a petition with Barbara Schneider, a member of the town Highway Committee, to send to the state requesting repairs to the highway from the Village of Valatie to Niverville.

At the June 3 meeting, Ms. Leader said she met with representatives from the state Department of Transportation (DOT) recently. She said they drove the road, walked along sections and spoke to area residents. “We talked a lot about it,” she said.

The state plans to mill and patch the road but there is no funding for the more extensive work that needs to be done on that section of the state highway. The town website says that crews will be out working on June 6 and 7. The DOT did some work before the Memorial Day weekend as well. Read more…

Valatie handles campers, seeks help with feral cats

VALATIE–The Village Board held an end-of-year meeting May 29. Village budgets run from June through May, with the new budget starting June 1. The board passed a motion at the meeting to authorize the bookkeeper and mayor to adjust the budget’s final fund balance for the end of the fiscal year 2018-19 as needed.

The board also discussed funding for the Town of Kinderhook summer recreation program this year. The board pays for children of village residents to attended the summer day program at Volunteer Park, which is run and funded by the town. Since the village does not have a recreation program of its own, the Village Board sets aside about $1,000 annually to cover the cost of villagers who want to attend the camp. Trustee Frank Bevens pointed out at the meeting that the village Santa Claus Club donated $500 to the board to help cover the cost for village children who are going to the summer program.

Mayor Diane Argyle said that village residents must fill out the camp form from the town and return it to the village clerk’s office, which checks the residency requirement. Parents must live in the village. Read more…

Ex-U.S. Rep. John Faso won’t try to win seat back

Reprinted with permission from the Times Union

ALBANY — John Faso, who in November lost his congressional seat to Democrat Antonio Delgado, says he will not try to win back the seat in 2020.

In a statement delivered to the Albany bureau of the USA Today Network, the Kinderhook Republican said other priorities will sideline him.

“Family and professional obligations will make it impossible for me to wage another campaign, especially since such efforts would have to begin almost immediately,” Mr. Faso said.

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