Ancram’s ready to catch some rays

ANCRAM–Solar panels were installed on the Town Hall earllier this month and were officially turned on by a crew from Central Hudson Electric and Gas, May 18.

The electric company had to shut off the power, hook in the panels and turn on the power back on. Read more…

Moo-vie captures town in ’85

New DVD uses work of media pros who profiled Ancram

ANCRAM–In the 10 or so minutes it takes to watch this new DVD, a viewer encounters a slice of this town’s past a quarter century ago, when there were more cows than people.

The year was 1985: Ronald Reagan was in his second term as president, a gallon of gasoline cost $1.09, a loaf of bread $1, a first-class stamp 22 cents, and a movie ticket $2.75. Read more…

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Chatham taxpayers organize in wake of tax rate hike

CHATHAM–Discontent over the budget and the priorities of the Village Board still simmered this week as a group of about 30 people gathered at the Crellin Park pavilion Sunday, May 23, to discuss what changes the village needs and how those changes could happen.

In addition to choosing four individuals to coordinate tasks like gathering information about village government, holding events and shepherding participation, the group, which decided by consensus not to assume a name, also focused on communications. And within less 24 hours of its first meeting, Tom Curran, one of the organizers, had launched a blog called Village chalkboard, at Read more…

Hudson Pride celebration aims for inclusion

HUDSON–Hudson Pride, the city’s first gay pride parade scheduled for June 20 on Warren Street and ending at the Promenade, is meant to be a celebration for everyone, gay or straight, say the event’s organizers.

After two planning meetings this month, organizers say interest in the event is building in and outside of the city. “It’s about time” said Trixie Starr, a.k.a. Rich Volo, who is organizing the event and says he expects more than half of the people attending to be straight, including “all the straight people who have gay relatives or friends. People are coming out of the woodwork. It’s having pride in the city itself. It’s a little eccentric town, and it’s wonderful.” Read more…

Think you’re paying too much? Time to grieve

HILLSDALE–If you think the market value of your house is less than your town assessor’s most recent calculation, then Tuesday, May 25, is the day for you to plead your case. The fourth Tuesday of May is traditionally property assessment “Grievance Day”– when New York state homeowners can lay out their arguments before a property assessment review board in their hometown.

Fourteen Columbia County towns, as well as the City of Hudson, will have Board of Assessment Review meetings Tuesday. Boards in the towns of Austerlitz, Hillsdale, Livingston and New Lebanon will meet later in the week, since they share part-time assessors with other towns. Read more…