THE CAPITOL CONNECTION: You’ll need a scorecard


Okay, so Ted Cruz became an international scandal. Why? The guy is a creep. There is so much built up animus against Donald Trump from any thinking, decent person that all that energy needed a place to go. It got transferred to Cruz.

When Cruz and his family took off for Mexico and left his freezing constituents behind, the news of his perfidy also took off. It became the number one story that everyone—and I mean everyone—was talking about. All the pundits and reporters were looking for anything that might further aggravate the people who already really despise the guy.

Now it is true that when my wife, Roselle, and I go on any kind of vacation, we often leave the most important member of our family, Murray the Westie, in the care of a wonderful woman who adores the dog. Our friend moves into the house and stays until we return. Of course, we compensate her for her effort. I tell you this because the Cruz dog, Snowflake, has become part of the story. The pundits are saying that Cruz left the dog behind. Okay, you can despise Cruz. You can call him out for his unbelievable arrogance, chutzpah and insensitivity but the dog thing is a bit of stretch, even when you have issues, as so many of us do, with the guy. He deserves everything people can throw at him. Had he left the dog with no food or water or no keeper, that would have been another thing. Read more…


I NEVER THOUGHT THAT THE SPINELESS, degenerate, almost all white Republican Senators would prove their patriotism and vote to convict Donald Trump. Trump, of course, was impeached for inciting the heinous, murderous, sickening riot of January 6. On that date, the seat of government was desecrated and our Constitution threatened by disciples of a man who seemingly follows the playbook of Adolph Hitler and his like. Most frightening of all, Trump was perilously close to getting away with bringing down our democratic Republic.

That’s right, those thugs were in that Capitol to reverse the peaceful transference of power in this country. That transition of power, based upon the people’s vote, is what true democrats around the world so admire about this country. Our short-lived democracy was threatened by a would-be Fascist dictator who knew exactly what he was doing when he lit the fuse that incited an invasion of folks set on murdering the vice president. How do we know that? They erected a noose just outside the doors of the Capitol and they yelled that they wanted to find the very vice president who never wavered in his respect and adulation for the president who, as I have said again and again, has no low.

Stop and think about where Mike Pence is now. As I write this article, Pence has done nothing to strike back at the man who unleashed the mob against him and threatened his life and the lives of his family. Pence was asked to break the law and nullify the presidential election and now has nothing to say. That gives you a pretty good idea of his character. Remember, this is a man who could have been president. Read more…