THE CAPITOL CONNECTION: How can Bernie help Biden?

I HAVE INTERVIEWED BERNIE Sanders many times. Those opportunities mostly came when he was a member of Congress but when he became a senator, he moved uptown and except for a few opportunities, he didn’t need me and the public radio audience. He had the national media begging for interviews.

I may have been the first one he told on air that he was going to run for president. I was pretty startled when he said that, but I do remember the moment and he was certainly true to his word.

Since that time, he has been a very serious candidate for president, a sort of Lochinvar coming out of the west, providing heroic leadership to the liberal left. We all know that the man is not a Democrat but a self-announced socialist. Even with his New York accent, he is nothing short of a hero to Vermont voters who adore him. There are some Democrats who will never forgive him for, in their minds, ruining Hillary Clinton’s chance to become president. Whether it was Bernie himself or his followers, it certainly didn’t help. Too many Bernie-ites sat out the election that gave us Donald Trump, the most evil and morally corrupt president in history. Read more…

THE CAPITOL CONNECTION: Purples deserve the credit

Thanksgiving is here.

History will record the defeat of Donald Trump, the would-be dictator and corrupter of American democracy, as a turning point in this country. My neighbors, and all those people who were really afraid that this country was done for, are expressing palpable relief.

We all know that we were at a critical juncture. We had a president who seemed to worship at the feet of Vladimir Putin and other dictators. We had a man who said that he wanted not only a second but a third term and that, of course, is prohibited by the United States Constitution. Read more…

THE CAPITOL CONNECTION: No second act, no third term

ONE CAN ONLY SEE this election as Donald Trump running against himself.

He continued the thread that came out of the American Civil War. Slavery may have been abolished by the Thirteenth Amendment, but all those who study the American sociology know that slavery was followed by Jim Crow and all those tricks that kept people of color in their places.

We all know that as Pete Seeger used to sing, “If you’re black, get back.” And so it has gone. With the election of Barack Obama, it was assumed we had finally restored racial sanity to this country. But things got sloppy. By the smallest of margins and with the help of the devil’s deal known as the “Electoral College,” Hillary Clinton lost the election despite the fact that she got the most votes. Read more…