THE CAPITOL CONNECTION: Speaking of speeches

IN OUR EFFORTS TO GET TRUMP OUT of the White House, we seem to have largely overlooked things going on in state governments. They have been overshadowed by the national news. If we hear anything about Cuomo, it usually has to do with his adverse relationship with the disgraced former president.

Unfortunately for Cuomo, he has a major multi-billion-dollar business to run. While so many of us were glued to public radio and CNN, Andrew Cuomo split his State of the State message into so many parts that one can hardly keep count.

Since it is my job to keep you up to date, let’s go over some of the major themes that Cuomo has thrown at us. Cuomo has already scored a major success with the election of Joe Biden to the presidency. Biden, for his part, has already signaled that much of what Cuomo was counting on will get done. For example, the election of Biden has virtually assured New York that the federal government will come up with some (but not all) of the money necessary to help New York achieve some fiscal balance. This is required by the state constitution, which suggests that we can’t print money the way the federal government can. In any case, this will lower the state’s multi billion deficit to about half of that. Miraculous! Read more…

THE CAPITOL CONNECTION: Been there, done that? No

OUR COUNTRY HAS NEVER been in this kind of trouble. We were all glued to our televisions and radios, watching in horror as thousands of miscreant know-nothings invaded our Capitol and put their filthy hands on so much that is sacred. Usually this column is written about subjects having to do with state politics but in this case, national news takes priority. Somehow a crazy man, Trump, managed to convince hordes of people that he was the answer. You know why? I’ll tell you why. This country has always had a racist streak a mile wide. Think Civil War. Those people are still with us. Now, little by little, the oppressed underclass has grown until they were about to be the majority. The racists, fearing the end of their primacy, became enraged.

Martin Luther King Jr. saw it coming. To him, it was never just about people of color but about all those who were exploited by the wealthy and privileged. He said he had a dream and he did. Now it was happening and those foolish people who had always been distracted by the Trumps and the money makers realized the walls were closing in on them. They yelled “socialist” and “communist” and “Antifa” and they were too stupid to get it—to understand that they were being played, big time. So they invaded the Congress and showed up at state capitals all over the United States. It really doesn’t matter that they didn’t, and will not, succeed. Read more…