THE CAPITOL CONNECTION: Disagreement doesn’t have to be disrespectful

Let’s face it — there is no current political commodity hotter than Andrew Cuomo. One Siena poll had him at a 77% approval rating in New York. Compare that with Donald Trump, in the relative basement. Cuomo has cleverly positioned himself as a moderate Democrat, unlike the more flamboyant progressives like AOC and her “squad,” and Bernie Sanders.

He’s on early morning television, does his briefings, and turns up on the late-night shows. If and when he sleeps is anyone’s guess. I have been immensely flattered that he has chosen to do a half hour a week with me. Unlike the others who interview him mainly about the coronavirus crisis, I am far more interested in what makes the man tick. I have an old friend, a psychiatrist, who heard me interviewing Cuomo and he had one suggestion. When I am speaking with him, I refer to him as “governor” and occasionally as “sir.” The latter, of course, is meant honorifically. For his part, he refers to me as “Doctor.” Freud may not have agreed but I see him as worthy of that respect. The guy is still the governor of New York and many people think that he should be the candidate for president. He’s a natural executive and someone who could step into the top job should events demand it. However, this is the long way around of telling you that my psychiatrist friend (who, as Lee Hays of the Weavers once said of His psychiatrist friend, “I see only socially”) gave me the following advice after hearing an interview: “Don’t call him sir.” Read more…

THE CAPITOL CONNECTION: His list includes bad, worse and worst

HERE IS MY LIST of the worst politicians in the United States.

1. Donald Trump. I don’t know how we got him. I keep pinching myself, hoping to wake up from this national nightmare. Can you imagine it? A guy who embodies all of our worst fears is steering the ship. He appears to be in bed with Vladimir Putin, who is responsible for fixing elections. He considers some of the scariest, meanest totalitarian types in the world to be his “friends.” He also appears to be a misogynist of the worst order and a racist who will do just about anything to keep people of color and immigrants from voting, most likely on the theory that they are on the way to becoming the majority of the country’s voters and equality of opportunity will take hold. He has poisoned our judiciary and if he wins another term, the Supreme Court of the United States will be forever tainted.

2. Trump is aided and abetted by his lieutenant, Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader, who looks and sounds like a bad guy from a Harry Potter movie. As long as McConnell remains in power, he will do the bidding of those spineless Republicans who know that Trump is awful but won’t do what’s right and oppose him because he enjoys such huge popularity among your basic Republican voters. McConnell not only leads a United States Senate, which is supposed to keep an eye on the president, but he has a wife who is a member of Trump’s cabinet. Talk about conflict of interest. Read more…