WE ALL KNEW THAT ANDREW CUOMO wanted to be president. I doubt that Kathy Hochul has those aspirations, although you never know. Right now, there’s a lot to consider. New York used to be a jumping off place for career politicians who were looking for higher ledges to sit on. Hochul has a lot of middle-class people and politicians behind her, from Al D’Amato to the major business leaders. My bet is that these folks are not going to want to get into national politics.

Meanwhile, things are working for Hochul. There’s lots of money in the bank. She really doesn’t have to say no to crucial people. She is getting along with the legislative leaders who don’t have the blues from having to deal with Andrew, who they undoubtedly found difficult. You know that had to be the case because of their obvious readiness to impeach him.

Yet while Hochul leads in all the polls when compared with other possible challengers, she really isn’t a shoo-in in the ’22 election and I have had reason to believe that her backers know that. The political types are, in large part, in her corner but clearly, the voter types are not thrilled with her even though she does whomp her competitors in head to head polling comparisons. Her one semi-serious competitor is Tom Suozzi, who really wants to be governor. Read more…

THE CAPITOL CONNECTION: Don’t defund new Law and Order

OKAY, WE ALL HAVE HEROES. I, for one, love Sam Waterston, who is reprising his role on Law and Order. He once told me not to despair because, “There is life after Law and Order.” He was wrong and this return of the program proves it. This is something you seldom see—a show coming back to life after having been pronounced dead. Every once in a while, there is something so good on television that it defies the generally poor quality of the genre. Law and Order is one such program. It is so good that you can watch the episodes over and over again. I know that I do and my bet is that you do, too.

Now 81-year old Waterston is reprising his role as the fighting DA, Jack McCoy. The way he appears on television is the way he is in real life. See, the thing about Sam is that he is a very decent fellow. I have had my chance to get know him and he is just who he seems to be. He’s interested in politics, not from the left or the right but from the middle. I once asked him in front of an audience which of his female assistant DA’s he found most attractive. He brought down the house by asking me what I was trying to do to him since his wife was in the audience.

Some wise guy put a sign up on my office door that reads “Jack McCoy for President.” When we last left Jack, he was running for a full term as DA. He was actually a great DA, unlike the schlemiel who is currently disgracing the job in Manhattan. Let there be no mistake—it is not easy to be a DA. We saw that in real time as two of the New York DA’s top assistants walked out on DA Alvin Bragg, who is not exactly distinguishing himself in his job. They had been working on the case involving Donald Trump a long time and their departure was a real slap in the face for the current DA who somehow got himself elected. Read more…