THE CAPITOL CONNECTION: Questions, anyone?

Q. WHY ARE PEOPLE SO STUPID that they refuse to wear masks to protect themselves and others?

A. This is really a tough one. We see incredible numbers of Americans dying from Covid-19. It is an awful, painful way to go. Of course, some folks can’t help getting exposed to the disease. There are people who have to feed their families and work in unsafe places. But there are people who can’t stop themselves from being stupid. They gather in groups. They celebrate football games en masse. They don’t wear masks, often as a political statement in support of a defeated scoundrel of a president who is responsible for so many deaths because he refused to follow the science. To some degree, the refusal to wear a mask has to be seen as suicidal. There are always people who like to gamble and are excited by the opportunity to challenge the Grim Reaper. I sure wouldn’t want to go rock climbing on the sheer side of a cliff. I wouldn’t swim where I know there are sharks. I guess there are those who will. Often, they express regret on their death beds. Read more…

THE CAPITOL CONNECTION: Bad advice? But who knew?

WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE DONE? The pandemic is upon you. You are the governor of New York. People are really frightened. They are looking to you for leadership. You go on television practically every day and tell people the facts as you know them. This is in great contrast to the malignancy who was posing as president of the United States at the time. We all know who was largely responsible for the Covid-19 deaths because, either on purpose or due to ignorance, he refused to lead and tell the truth. Suddenly, you became the guy who does the work the faux president should have been doing.

Then, as it always happens when you are in a place of great and strategic importance, someone throws a curve ball at you. You take the best advice you have been offered by the medical professionals and that turns out to be bad advice. However, you took it, you are the head man, you are the governor. Your Republican adversaries, who have always been out to get you, seize on the mistake and try to drive those who can be convinced that you are a bad guy.

But it really doesn’t stop with the other party. There are those in your own party who have been waiting to get you for a long time. Hey, that’s the political game. When Eliot Spitzer got himself into trouble and you were the state’s attorney general, you were hardly kind to him. When Alan Hevesi was convicted of taking bribes, he, too, was prosecuted by then Attorney General Cuomo. Cuomo is a tough guy. Sooner or later, the things a tough guy does to other people will come back to bite him in the behind. It is always a good idea to respect those around you, as Joe Biden recently reminded all those who work for him. Read more…