THE CAPITOL CONNECTION: Whose truths do you choose?

OKAY, STUDENTS! Time for a test. Get out your blue books and begin.

True or False: The legislature (both houses) is Democratic. (True)

True or False: Both houses of the legislature have proven themselves basically submissive to governor Andrew Cuomo. (True)

True or False: Both houses of the legislature are now headed by persons of color. (True) Read more…

THE CAPITOL CONNECTION: No job for faint of heart

HOW WOULD YOU LIKE to be governor of New York right now?

This may be the toughest time in history to have that top job. Let me count the ways.

To begin with, and there is no question about this, we have the worst president in the history of this country. He is a bigot. He opposes giving resources to the country’s most populous states. As a result, New York is deeply in debt, something that is not allowed. That’s a lot for a governor to put up with. Read more…


I HAVE ASKED ANDREW CUOMO on several occasions whether he had any interest in being attorney general of the United States. Consistently and predictably, he answered that he loved being governor and he wanted to remain as governor. That, of course, is the politically correct answer to the inevitable question that people like Andrew are asked. As I always say, you don’t say, “I’ll go to the prom if I’m asked.” You wait until you Are asked.

Andrew has a great deal going for him and if his friend Joe Biden asks him to serve, it will be because Andrew has a number of qualities that one might want in an AG. He is very smart. He was the Attorney General in New York and he made the most of it. He showed himself to be relatively fearless and, among other things, he sent politicians to jail. So, he could be counted on to be what I have always called “Andrew Tough Guy.”

Biden has made it clear that he wants an Attorney General who will be independent. Well, there’s independent and then there’s independent. You sure don’t want someone in that incredibly powerful job who will embarrass you and show you up one way another. On the other hand, you do need someone who will anticipate your positions without being told what to do. Not only that, with the specter of madman Trump circling around you as president, you might want someone who gets the game and plays good defense. Read more…