Hudson district OKs first step in primary school exit

HUDSON–The Board of Education has voted to move second grade from John L. Edwards Primary School (JLE) to the Montgomery C. Smith Intermediate School (MCS) starting in September. The vote took place at the Board’s meeting Monday, January 23. All four board members present at the meeting voted for the move. The full board has seven members.

The move is part of the plan to consolidate the district from three campuses to two. The plan calls for moving the rest of JLE (pre-kindergarten through first grade) to MCS when an addition to that building is constructed.

The board held a public hearing on the second grade move, but only one person from the community attended. She said she had tried to recruit other parents to come with her, but the sleety weather had discouraged them. Read more…

In Chatham, every drop in bucket will count

CHATHAM–The Village Board held a workshop meeting January 26 to review proposed increases in the water and sewer rates. The board agreed that Village Clerk Barbara Henry should get the word out about the new rates so that the board can hold a public hearing next month prior to adopting the new rates.

Currently there is a minimum use charge of $21 per quarter for village residents using under 1,000 cubic feet of water; there’s a similar charge of $18.12 for sewer. There is a separate rate for properties outside the village, mostly in the parts of the Town of Ghent outside village boundaries that use village water. Residents are charged a small percent increase as they use more water, but for customers whose use exceeds 10,000 cubic feet, the rate starts to decrease, according to the information given out at the workshop meeting. The result is that the biggest users end up paying a lower rate for their water and sewer service. Read more…

Carwash, restaurant don’t mix in Valatie plan

VALATIE–The village Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) held another joint meeting last week to discuss the proposal for carwash on Route 9. At the meeting B.J. Cantele presented the boards with plans that would replace the Valkin restaurant building with a 24-hour self-serve carwash.

Mr. Cantele’s lawyer, Bill Better, said at the January 25 meeting that the plans “do not have the building continuing to be there.” He said his client tried to create a plan that would preserve the Valkin building and add the carwash in the back. And Mr. Cantele’s engineer presented two sets of plans to the board last month–one with the building and the carwash on the same property and one with just the carwash.

At this month’s meeting, Mr. Better said of saving the building: “It just won’t work.” Read more…

Happily, Alice Belt has more work left to do

COPAKE—Alice Belt was dying.

She and her children agreed there would be no traditional funeral. They would plan a celebration of her life and, at her request, additionally make it a fundraiser for all her favorite causes.

As it appears now the event will be truly unique because Ms. Belt, in all likelihood, will be right there “toasting and roasting” along with her family and friends. Read more…

Rally calls for Rep. Faso and he obliges

KINDERHOOK–Hundreds of people attended a rally in the Village of Kinderhook Saturday in front of the office of Congressman John Faso (R-19th). Many of the protesters carried signs declaring their support for the Affordable Care Act (also known as the ACA or Obamacare) and their concern over efforts by Republicans in Congress to repeal it.

Mr. Faso is a member of the House of Representatives committee considering alternatives to the ACA and has voted for one bill aimed at repealing the law.

There were also people with signs supporting Planned Parenthood and a few had signs saying, “No Muslim ban, No border wall.” A handful of speakers addressed the crowd at the rally, organized by the local Indivisible CD19 NY group. They included two Albany medical students and Hudson doctor Anna Marie Assevero. All of them spoke in support of the ACA. The event also featured two musical performances. Read more…