G’town weighs in on 109-page plan for new plan

GERMANTOWN–Comments on the draft update of the town’s 2011 Comprehensive Plan addressed issues from lot size to language. And every person commenting at the June 1 public hearing thanked the volunteer committee for their months of work.

The meeting began with a bit of a kerfuffle from audience members who found it impractical to read on screen or print out the 109-page document or didn’t have a home computer. One copy had been provided to the Germantown Library June 1.

The committee extended the comment period to Thursday, June 8 and left five more copies of the draft at the library Friday, June 2.

Patricia Hinkein, proprietor of the real estate agency that bears her name, expressed concern that the draft update suggested an increase in some of the minimum lot acreages. “Don’t make parcels so large that people can’t afford them,” she said.

In response, committee co-chair Jason Shelton said that minimum acreage had not been a topic of discussion in committee meetings, and it was his understanding the minimums had not changed. He referred the group to Section 12, where the only suggested minimums are Rural Residential, two acres; Environmental Resource, five acres; and Agricultural Resource, 10 acres. Read more…

Flag Day’s big here and a lot of work, too

HUDSON—It’s a grand old flag and it will be high flying during the 21st annual Flag Day Parade, Saturday, June 10.

The stars and stripes celebrates its 240th birthday June 14, the date the flag was officially adopted by resolution of the Second Continental Congress in 1777.

But it wasn’t until August 3, 1949, that President Harry S. Truman signed an Act of Congress designating June 14 of each year as National Flag Day. Read more…

Anonymous flier prompts farmer to alert town

CHATHAM–Local resident Eric Suquet told the Town Board last week that someone has mailed a flier to his neighbors accusing his farm of polluting the East Chatham water supply. Mr. Suquet said the charges are untrue.

“All of this is false,” Mr. Suquet told the board at the June 1 workshop meeting. He said that he and his wife, Martha, own Graylight Farm in the Town of Canaan, though they are in the East Chatham ZIP code. They raise pigs and grow some vegetables. He said he came to the Chatham Town Board to tell the board about the flier, since the writer mentioned the East Chatham water supply specifically.

“We are happy to talk to anybody about our practices,” he said. He added that he and his wife are sensitive to environmental issues and that fencing that is going on up on the farm is to keep the pigs away from any shared water sources. Read more…

Chatham finds many meanings in zoning law rewrite

CHATHAM–The Village Board held a special meeting May 25 to review proposed changes to the village zoning laws drafted by the Zoning Revision Committee. Committee members came with zoning maps and a long list of update definitions for the zoning code.

Lael Locke, chair of the committee, said there were 127 definitions in the village zoning code and the committee went through each one.

“Some were deleted, some were clarified,” committee member Brin Quell said at the meeting. She also said that some were outdated. Read more…

Village hopes charging fees will ‘encourage’ more events

CHATHAM–The Village Board has approved fees for the use of municipal properties, including a $1,000 fee for closing Main Street for events and $550 fee for closing Park Row. At the meeting last week where the charges were adopted, several trustees said that they might revisit the fees in the future.

“The fees should be set to encourage the use of village property, to encourage businesses [and] organizations to come to the village to hold events,” Mayor Tom Curran said in statement at the May 25 meeting before voting to set the fees. He proposed a one-day use cost for the second floor of the Tracy Memorial/Village Hall at $30 and the full building for $60. Use of the gazebo and the green space around it would cost $30, and to use the parking lot at Depot Square would cost $75. Using the parking lot near the Tracy Memorial would cost $75. The Village and the Town of Chatham jointly own the lot at the north end of Main Street. Read more…