G’town readies plan for $2.4M wastewater plant upgrade

GERMANTOWN—Mary Beth Bianconi, senior project manager for Delaware Engineering, attended the February 13 Town Board meeting to update the board and audience on the latest prospects for upgrading the 21-year-old wastewater treatment plant.

A year ago, at its February 21, 2017 meeting, the board approved going ahead with the $2.43-million upgrade (2016 figure). Prior to that, the board had spent some two years reviewing the project and options.

The timeline discussed in 2017 had construction going on this year. That is not happening, but the delay has left the town eligible for a raft of new state funds for the project. Read more…

Hillsdale increases exemptions for veterans

HILLSDALE– At its February monthly meeting, the Hillsdale Town Board voted unanimously to pass Local Laws 1 and 2, which increase home assessment exemptions for veterans and extend exemptions for Cold War veterans.

Current exemptions range from $24,000 to $80,000 and will increase to $36,000 to $120,000. The extension also eliminates the 10-year limit on exemptions.

Veterans who served during wartime, in combat zones or are disabled are entitled to the higher exemptions. Cold War veterans must have served from September 2, 1945 through December 26, 1991. According to the county’s real property tax service agency, 73 veterans in Hillsdale are receiving the veteran exemption. Read more…

Valatie cracks down on trash can abuse, late water bills

VALATIE–The Village Board approved a new law about what can go in village trash cans. Adopted at the Tuesday, February 13 meeting, Local Law #1 of 2018 prohibits household and commercial trash in public trash cans in the village and comes with a fine of $250 if the violator is identified.

The law, as read by Village Attorney Rob Fitzsimmons, stresses that the municipal trash cans should only be used for litter.

“This should give you enough teeth,” Mr. Fitzsimmons said of the law, which allows the village to go after people using the cans on Main Street and in the village parks for household waste. There are public trash cans on Main Street and in Callan Park, one in River Street Park and some in Pachaquack Preserve. Read more…

Agan sentenced to 187 years for murder and incest

HUDSON—“You are getting what you deserve,” Judge Richard Koweek told David T. Agan, Jr., at his sentencing in Columbia County Court the morning of February 15.

Mr. Agan, 44, will spend 187½ years to life in state prison for the brutal murder of his estranged wife, Christina M. Agan, and repeated rape, incest and other sex crimes committed against his daughter.

Ms. Agan, was 37 years old when Mr. Agan viciously attacked her with a flathead screwdriver, stabbing her at least 35 times in the vestibule of the Valatie Medical Arts Building, 1301 River Street in the village, December 10, 2015 shortly before 2 p.m. She bled to death. Read more…

Habitat dedicates new homes in Valatie

VALATIE –The living room was full for the home dedications at 3039 and 3039A Main Street on Saturday, February 17. The two newly constructed attached homes of the Beaucage and Pratt/Sullivan families were the nineteenth and twentieth completed projects of Columbia County’s Habitat for Humanity (CCHH).

CCHH Executive Director Brenda Adams called the meeting to order. A long list of professional services and material providers were thanked for their assistance and donations, beginning with BarlisWedlick Architects with whom CCHH has a longstanding partnership. Also mentioned were Proper and O’Leary Engineering, the Levy Partnership Engineering Consultants, Rodenhausen Chale legal services, Bervy Excavation, the Chazen Companies for engineering, land surveying and environmental consulting, Columbia County Electrical Contractors notably Mike Clarke and Bill Houston, and Tom Bouchard and Joe Dwileski for donations of professional services.

A profusion of gratitude was also expressed for the support of the Valatie community, including the Friends of Valatie, local business community groups and faith groups who organized, volunteered and raised funds for the project. The Reverend Stark Jones of Valatie pronounced the blessing on the house with the help of the assembly and the families of Renee Beauchage and Josh Pratt and Omisha Sullivan were introduced. Read more…