Promise of new Hudson housing still short of meeting need

HUDSON–“The houses I’ve seen in Hudson are worse than anything I’ve seen in India!” said Brenda Adams of Habitat for Humanity. She was speaking at a Hudson Area Library community forum last week on housing in Hudson, an event that brought out a diversity of concerns and priorities.

The gathering also heard a representative of Galvan Housing Resources, a non-profit entity, announce that it plans to create up to 25 affordable housing units in the city by the year 2020.

“There are illegal apartments,” Ms. Adams said at the May 25 event. “In one apartment in a snowstorm, the roof caved in on a baby. The baby was covered with plaster dust.” Everybody survived, she said, but the cave-in “was simply covered with blue plastic.” Read more…

Talk of land use regulation draws crowds in G’town

GERMANTOWN—Planning and zoning appear to be the town’s story this spring.

Thursday, June 1 at 7 p.m., was the Public Hearing on the draft update of the town’s Comprehensive Plan. The update has been in the works since a committee was appointed to the task last fall. The 109-page document that resulted is on the town website, Those looking to catch up quickly on the update might zero in on Section 11, nine pages of Action Strategies, including timelines and responsible parties.

And last week the Planning Board met for three hours, discussing with a packed town hall new businesses, old violations and a proposed law for commercial venues. Read more…

Doc delivers bleak news

HUDSON–With the opioid use crisis as a springboard, Dr. Anna-Maria Assevero, an internist at Columbia Memorial Hospital, shared thoughts and insights with the Columbia County Board of Supervisors Health and Human Services Committee at its meeting Tuesday, May 16.

Her observations included:

• “Schools educate about drugs, and kids know a lot about them, and yet they still try them” Read more…

New plan emerges to save the farm

ANCRAMDALE—It is the hope of Donald and Marnie MacLean that the land they have worked for 35 years will be saved in perpetuity for generations of farmers to come.

In an effort to make that happen the MacLeans have joined with Columbia Land Conservancy to ask the community for monetary support.

The MacLeans have been farming at the Thompson-Finch Farm, 750 Wiltsie Bridge Road, since 1982.                                                                 

Thompson-Finch Farm sign


For all that time, while they built their business, they leased the 200-acre property from Mrs. MacLean’s parents. Read more…

Students test water quality of Roe Jan Creek

GALLATIN – The second season of water quality testing of the Roe Jan Creek was conducted with assistance, and for the edification of, students from Hudson and Germantown high schools on the morning of Saturday, May 13.

Four students from each of the schools with their advisors gathered at the Academy Hill Bridge fishing access near Jackson’s Corners for the first sampling of the day. There they were met by Roe Jan Watershed Community founder Kaare Christian. He acted as host for the morning, introducing them to Colleen Lutz who is a water quality assessment volunteer evaluator (WAVE). She showed the students how she used a “kick-net” to gather a sampling of tiny insects and crustaceans that live in the stream bed. The success of various species can be important indicators of a stream’s health. Read more…