Blight kills veggies

CLAVERACK–Gardeners–and customers–waiting eagerly for the taste of that first sun-warmed, fresh tomato may be disappointed this year, and without a drastic change in the weather, the disappointment may extend to those who savor tiny new potatoes.

   The unusual summer has provided ideal conditions for the growth of Phytophthora infestans, the bacteria that causes a disease called late blight on both plants.

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Police charge suspect in market robbery

HUDSON—City Police arrested a man in connection with a robbery and assault at Star Market, 534 Warren Street, Thursday, July 16 at 9:35 a.m.
   While following up on leads about the suspect, identified as James F. Gaudiosi, 43, of Hudson, police spotted him running away from them and into his Fairview Avenue residence.
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Copake residents ask who will enforce Cascino court order

COPAKE–Who’s watching Salvatore Cascino? Inquiring Copake citizens want to know.

   Last month, Acting State Supreme Court Judge Jonathan Nichols found Mr. Cascino guilty of both criminal and civil contempt for violating the November 27, 2006 temporary restraining order that prohibited Mr. Cascino from constructing, excavating or depositing anything on his 300-acre property called Copake Valley Farm.

   In another matter related to Mr. Cascino, state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo this week announced that his office was suing Mr. Cascino for the environmental damage as the result of his dumping activities in Dutchess County. The attorney general has also previously taken action against Mr. Cascino for illegal dumping in Copake.

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Copake Republicans select candidates

COPAKE—Town Republicans nominated a full slate of candidates at a lively caucus at the Town Hall June 30.
   Three of the four chosen candidates were challenged for spots on the November ballot. Eighty-eight registered Republicans attended.
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Town Board gets comprehensive plan Thursday night

ANCRAM—The Town’s Comprehensive Plan Committee completed its work July 13 and will present the finished Comprehensive Plan to the Town Board at its July 16 meeting.                                 

  The plan is an 80-page document, and is supported by a separate 500-page volume of special studies and maps, organized into 7 appendices.

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