Ghent man helps nurture hospice care in Africa

Phil Di Sorbo will return soon to help bring care when pain is greatest

GHENT–In a few days Phil Di Sorbo will leave for sub-Saharan Africa, again. He travels there four times a year. And while it isn’t a vacation, it is a labor of love.

One of his stops will be the troubled country of Zimbabwe, where the chaos that led to a worthless currency and stores with no food on their shelves has abated somewhat since the dictator Robert Mugabe reluctantly agreed earlier this year to relinquish some small part of his power to the democratically elected opposition. But the oppression continues, by most reliable press accounts, and while there is food for sale now, few can afford to buy it. The long struggle in Zimbabwe has taken a particularly harsh toll on people in the most rural parts of what was a fertile and productive country. In Zimbabwe, as in many other parts of sub-Saharan Africa, among those hit hardest in any type of crisis are people with life-threatening illnesses: HIV/AIDS, cancer and tuberculosis, to name only a few.

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New effort seeks to streamline long-term care help

HUDSON–With many people seeking to “age in place” or care for a disabled person in the most homelike environment possible, there has perhaps never been a greater need for factual information about available long-term care services and support. In response to this large and growing need, the Columbia County Healthcare Consortium this week launched NY Connects, Columbia County.

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School gunman in custody

PINE PLAINS—Christopher Craft, 42, a former student at the Stissing Mountain Middle/High School, is in the Dutchess County Jail after allegedly taking a principal hostage inside the school the morning of November 10.
The Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office reports at about 7:45 a.m., Mr. Craft, walked into the Stissing Mountain Middle/High School with a concealed shotgun.
Once inside, he revealed the firearm and barricaded himself inside the middle school office, taking Middle School Principal Robert Hess hostage.

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Chatham wants to put school labs in hot water, literally

CHATHAM–The school district is proposing a $5-million project that school officials say will have a no tax impact on voters. The project, which deals with repairs needed for educational programming, energy efficiency and compliance with the federal Americans with Disabilities Act, will be funded with federal economic stimulus money, funds from a capital reserve and money not used from the district’s last capital project.

“You have to invest in the infrastructure,” said schools Superintendent Cheryl Nuciforo in an interview this week.

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Ancram asks: Whose siding are you on?

ANCRAM–Paint or plastic?

The Town Board voted at its October 15 meeting to award a contract to the sole bidder for installing vinyl siding on the Town Hall. It will cost almost $24,000.

Much confusion surrounded the bid opening the night of the meeting. The action was not on the agenda, and some residents believe the board never publicly discussed the need to do anything about the Town Hall exterior nor did board members vote in public to solicit bids for vinyl siding.

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