Pave they must, but where will water go?

CHATHAM–The Village Board met last week with Tom Lewis, a real estate representative from Stewart’s Shops company to review site plan and architectural drawings of the convenience store and gas station proposed for Church Street/state Route 203 next to the pedestrian gate at the county fairgrounds.

At the April 22 meeting, Mr. Lewis asked the board for permission to create an exit for the proposed store on Cottage Place, the dirt road that leads to the fairground entrance. Read more…

No camping tonight? Speedway owner sues town

NEW LEBANON–As he stated he would at the April 5 town board meeting, Lebanon Valley Speedway owner Howard Commander has filed suit against town officials, seeking a state Supreme Court determination as to whether the campers parked on his property trigger state requirements for a campground.

The effect of the lawsuit, according to town Zoning Enforcement Officer Stan Koloski, is to stay the town’s efforts to enforce zoning restrictions that the Zoning Board of Appeals believes apply to camping at the racetrack. Read more…

Longhand project goes by chapter and verse

Bible project presentation Sunday

PHILMONT–The first reaction most people have when they see Phillip Patterson’s handwritten Bible pages in person for the first time is “Wow.”

It’s easy to see why. The precise, yet flowing, black script against the oversized, stark white pages immediately catches the eye. One can’t help but stare, feeling like a witness to an ancient manuscript. Read more…

Grey fox attacked dogs

MALDEN BRIDGE—The Columbia County Department of Health said in a press release April 30 that a grey fox attacked two dogs.
The state Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) searched for the fox Wednesday, April 28 around Shaker Museum Road where it was last seen.
The fox was not captured. Both dogs were current with their rabies vaccinations and were administered booster shots by their veterinarian according to protocol.
The health department reminds residents to use caution if they see an animal behaving abnormally—such as being unusually aggressive or friendly. Stay clear and call an animal control professional, says the release.
If someone is bitten by an animal that is acting strangely, try to locate the animal and capture it for testing. If the animal cannot be captured the person should seek medical attention immediately.
Though not bitten, a person exposed to a high-rabies-risk animal, such as a raccoon, bat, skunk or fox should seek medical attention.
Any exposure should be reported to the county health department at (518) 828-3358.
Residents should also keep their pets properly vaccinated.

Heavy metal eyes Ghent landing

GHENT–Word of a “European Style” heavy metal concert in the planning stages for July 15 to 18 at  Meadowgreens has gotten a lot of play  in some Columbia County circles this week.

Meadowgreens, a restaurant, bar and banquet hall with a golf course on Route 9H, is owned by Carmen Nero. The building burned down January 21, but a website with the name of the resort posted news of the event April 22. In February Mr. Nero announced plans to build a new hilltop hotel. Read more…