Use caution when buying low-cost health insurance

NEW YORK CITY—The unstable economy is prompting many people to cut their living expenses, but consumers need to be careful when it comes to insurance, according to a warning from the State Insurance Department.
  While many health plans advertised on television and elsewhere sound appealing, they may provide consumers with little protection.
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ICC board considers how to cope with ‘sexting’

KINDERHOOK–The Ichabod Crane School Board met on July 7 for an organizational meeting. Members discussed the construction project at primary school and the new student code of conduct, which includes rules about cyber bullying and “sexting.”

  The board started the Tuesday night meeting with a moment of silence for High School Librarian Sharon Marie Gaffney. Ms. Gaffney died from ovarian cancer on July 5. William Schneider, principal of the high school, said Ms. Gaffney “was a great, great librarian.”

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Stimulus funds trickle down

HUDSON–It’s coming, slowly, and though there’s not that much of it, Columbia County is beginning to see funds from the $787 billion federal economic stimulus package called the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. So far, it looks like Washington has directed about $15 million this way.

  The issue of stimulus funding and its impact is important enough to attract Vice President Joe Biden to the region. He was scheduled to speak Thursday at a high school in Saratoga County, part of the 20th District represented by recently elected Congressman Scott Murphy (D). The district includes all of Columbia County.

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Unpaid bills? Don’t worry

COPAKE–Delinquent debts are dogging Housing Resources of Columbia County, but the agency’s executive director does not see that as an obstacle to going forward with the controversial housing project adjacent to the hamlet.

  After a two-and-a-half-year hiatus, Housing Resources of Columbia County Executive Director Kevin O’Neill made an unscheduled appearance at the June 4 Planning Board meeting. Housing Resources’ proposal for a 138-unit senior and mixed-income housing development, called Copake Green, was the reason for his appearance, and he told board members that his agency is now ready to pick up where it left off in December 2006.

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Copake freezes but can’t yet cut

COPAKE–After an hour and 40 minutes of sometimes loud, sometimes accusatory and often unproductive talk at a special meeting July 7, the Town Board seemed no closer to figuring out what to do about the town’s $175,000 budget shortfall.

That’s the amount the town may have to borrow to pay its bills this year, but it’s a higher figure than the $160,000 the board was told it needed to borrow at its June 23 meeting. And at Tuesday night’s meeting, the board said that the amount needed might be as much as $200,000, a figure that includes “a cushion.”

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