Didn’t get your census form? Expect a visit

NEW LEBANON–Postal customers whose mail is delivered to a post office box are asking their postmasters where their census forms are.

Melissa Eigenbrodt, the postmaster in New Lebanon, where some residents lack residential mail delivery, told The Columbia Paper that census forms are delivered to the post office bearing the physical address of the person the Census Bureau is trying to reach. In other situations, the post office can use its “local knowledge” and put the mail in the addressee’s box, she said. But census rules forbid that. “The carrier takes them out in a big box and brings back what she can’t deliver.”

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New county fare in Chatham and Ghent?

CHATHAM – Village Mayor Paul Boehme unveiled plans to create a shuttle bus between the hamlet of Ghent and the village center. “We’ll be able to bring people onto Main Street,” Mr. Boehme said at the Village Board meeting Thursday, March 11.

Jonathan Walters, the chairperson for the Town of Ghent Planning Board, said in an interview last week that he and representatives from the village and county have been talking about this plan for over a year. Right now the plan is to have a bus make 6 to 8 roundtrips a day, covering about 12 miles between Ghent and Chatham for each roundtrip. Proposed stops would be the public library on Woodbridge Avenue, Crellin Community Park on Route 66, Edgewood Acres and the Chatham Plaza, and, in Ghent, the physician’s office on Garage Place, Jones Avenue and the Dairy Queen. Read more…

Tight times bring service agencies together

GREENPORT – Raising awareness, fostering collaboration, improving services. These were the themes for the first Interagency Awareness Day (IAAD) held Thursday, March 18, at Columbia-Greene Community College. The event drew 225 human services professionals representing 67 agencies in Columbia and Greene counties and the Greater Capitol Region.

The goal of the IAAD, as stated in the conference program, was to “strengthen the working relationships between various agencies during these times of limited resources and challenging economic situations…. [W]e can help residents of Columbia and Greene counties improve the quality of life by increasing awareness and access to services in their respective communities.” Read more…

Feral cats defy easy fix

Town hears plea from woman trying to help solve dilemma

ANCRAMDALE–Feral cats are among us. And without intervention, they multiply at an alarming rate.

Beverly Ditto, an Ancramdale resident and airbrush artist by trade, has taken it upon herself to help feral cats and the people who find themselves overwhelmed by them. Read more…

District set to slash jobs

Hudson will axe more than 45 positions if gov’s plan prevails

HUDSON–The Board of Education, following a recommendation in Superintendent John Howe’s proposed budget, voted this week to cut more than 45 positions from every sector of district employment, including teaching aids, custodians, staff and tenured instructional positions.

Other school districts in the county are also anticipating layoffs as a result of state aid cuts, including Ichabod Crane, Taconic Hills, Chatham and Germantown. Read more…