Chatham wants to put school labs in hot water, literally

CHATHAM–The school district is proposing a $5-million project that school officials say will have a no tax impact on voters. The project, which deals with repairs needed for educational programming, energy efficiency and compliance with the federal Americans with Disabilities Act, will be funded with federal economic stimulus money, funds from a capital reserve and money not used from the district’s last capital project.

“You have to invest in the infrastructure,” said schools Superintendent Cheryl Nuciforo in an interview this week.

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Ancram asks: Whose siding are you on?

ANCRAM–Paint or plastic?

The Town Board voted at its October 15 meeting to award a contract to the sole bidder for installing vinyl siding on the Town Hall. It will cost almost $24,000.

Much confusion surrounded the bid opening the night of the meeting. The action was not on the agenda, and some residents believe the board never publicly discussed the need to do anything about the Town Hall exterior nor did board members vote in public to solicit bids for vinyl siding.

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Event fosters timely conversation about notion of aging in place

CHATHAM – Aging in Place, according to various websites, means the ability to continue to live in the place one calls home safely, independently and comfortably, regardless of age, income, or ability level; to continue to live in a familiar environment and be able to participate in family and other community activities.

Just how aging in place would work in Columbia County was explored at an all day conference Sunday, October 18, sponsored by the Chatham Synagogue and titled Aging in Place: A Multi-Generational Approach.

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The $9 million question

County finds social services agency claimed revenues feds won’t pay 

HUDSON–Art Baer (R-Hillsdale) said it was last year at about this time when he looked at the figures for the county Department of Social Services and saw something odd. “I noticed there was negative revenue from the federal government,” he said.

A subsequent audit of the department determined that the “negative revenue” amounted to about $9 million, meaning the county is short that much money that it had said it was getting from Washington.

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Early results show surprises

HUDSON—The results below are, for the most part, the Election Night results from voting machines at polling sites around the county. The results are all unofficial and no final outcomes will be certified until absentee ballots and ballots generated by the new electronic ballot marking devices are counted by the county Board of Elections next week.

(The print edition of The Columbia Paper erroneously failed to list the vote tallies for the candidates.)

Candidates who ran on multiple ballot lines are shown on only their first line with the total of all the machine votes they received. Also, candidates who ran in Hudson wards with more than one district are shown with the total number of votes they received

The votes for the statewide propositions reflect only the votes those measures received in Columbia County. Likewise, the results of the race for state Supreme Court judge in the Third Judicial District show only the total here, though the district covers many counties.



Statewide Proposal Number One, An Amendment

 Yes 5957

 No 2354


Statewide Proposal Number Two, An Amendment

Yes 6351

 No 2198


Greenport Library Budget

 Yes 414

 No 432


Hudson Library Budget:

 Yes 472

 No 208

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