Deadlines near for absentee voting, enrollment and poll workers

HUDSON–The county Board of Elections has issued a reminder that deadlines are nearing for voter registration and for applying for absentee ballots for the November 3 general election.

County residents who are not registered to vote have until this Friday, October 9, to postmark a registration form or to apply in person at the Board of Elections office, downstairs at the county office building, 401 State Street. Individuals honorably discharged from the military since that date and individuals who have become naturalized citizens since that date may register in person until Friday, October 23.

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Got flu? Avoid unnecessary hospital visit

HUDSON–As swine flu, the illness now called novel H1N1 influenza, continues to spread in Columbia County, public health experts are advising people with flu-like illness to carefully consider whether they should seek medical care.

“We realize that many people are concerned because of the number of cases of this new flu in our area and the fact that some people have died from flu,” said Public Health Nurse Marge Costello, RN, in a press release from the county Department of Health. She said that was understandable, but health officials want people to know that for most individuals, “novel H1N1 flu influenza will be no worse than the seasonal flu we are used to.”

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Village sets deadline for dilapidated homes

CHATHAM–The Village Board dealt with some long-term issues at its monthly sewer and water meeting last week. And though one item was relevant to the subject of the meeting–the board adopted motions to buy a new sludge processor–members also discussed whether to demolish two deteriorating properties, approved bids for work on the firehouse roof and agreed to spend more money than originally anticipated to repair a fire engine.

At the September 24 session, the board heard from the owners of two properties, 7 Woodbridge Avenue and 134 Hudson Avenue. Through its attorney, Nelson R. Alford, the board sent letters to the homeowners about the poor condition of their properties and warned that their homes would be torn down if the situations were not dealt with.

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$9.6M grant spurs seniors home plan

Plan calls for a community in Ghent that follows ‘Camphill model’ 

GHENT–The state has awarded a $9.6-million grant to a new project that will build a “community” of senior housing units along Route 66 just south of the Village of Chatham. The non-profit group receiving the money, Camphill Ghent, is a separate entity associated with Camphill Village in Copake, and some, though not all of the 72 people expected to live there will be adults with developmental disabilities.

Camphill Ghent still needs to raise an additional $6 million for what William Vogt, the group’s president, called phase one of the project. Mr. Vogt, who is also treasurer of Camphill Village, said this week that if the project can obtain the necessary permits from Ghent, Chatham and state agencies, he hopes to begin construction by early next year and have people living in the community by late 2011.

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